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Book Review: The Bible vs. Biblical Womanhood: How God's Word Consistently Affirms Gender Equality

By: Kate Netzler Burch | April 6, 2023

The Bible vs. Biblical Womanhood is a thorough, comprehensive, and accessible introduction to prominent Bible passages that are often used to limit women. Philip B. Payne builds upon and summarizes a lifetime of research to show God’s word consistently affirms the equality of women and men.

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Mutual Submission Frames the Household Codes

By: Craig Keener | July 31, 2021

The New Testament household codes reveal that early Christians were on the progressive edge of gender relationships in their world.

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What to Say When Someone Says that Wives Should Stay with Abusive Husbands

By: Chesna Hinkley | September 18, 2019

1 Peter 3 is a tricky passage. It’s often been twisted to pressure abused women to stay with their husbands as a sign of submission. But this passage is not meant to subject women to fear or violence; it is supposed to encourage primary loyalty to Christ, not to husbands.

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One Body, Many Gifts

By: Sarah Rose Lochelt | May 25, 2016

There are several passages in the New Testament that list the spiritual gifts believers receive for the purpose of building up of the body of Christ (1 Corinthians 12; Romans 12; Ephesians 4; 1 Peter 4). Much has been written about these lists and their implications, particularly for how we ought to recognize and understand spiritual gifts in the church.

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Hearing Aids For Husbands

By: Nils Swanson | September 5, 2000

Peter states what should be common sense: husbands, live with your wives in a considerate and respectful manner. He then goes on to say that if a husband does not do this, his relationship with God will suffer.

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Husbands, Respect Your Wives

By: Nils Swanson | June 6, 2000

When I have heard discussion about love and respect it is often applied as gender specific: a woman needs love, a man needs respect. But it isn’t that cut and dry. Men need to be loved as well, and women need to be respected, too. 

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On the Meaning in Context of those Troublesome Verses on Women in 1 Peter (And a Gentle Warning about Cross-Referencing Too Quickly)

By: Bruce C.E. Fleming | July 30, 1991

The following thoughts are presented to draw attention to the main thrust of 1 Peter 3:1-7. It is hoped that after reading the following article, whenever these verses are studied, the main ideas of the passage won’t be smothered by other ideas that are illegitimately imported from somewhere else.

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