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Three (Faulty) Objections to Feminine Language for God

By: Jeff Miller | June 6, 2024

People who argue against using feminine God-language often resort to fine-tuned objections—so fine that they don’t stand up to scrutiny. Christians do not get upset when we talk about God, or even to God, using descriptions and titles that are not used in exactly the same way in the Bible. Therefore, we should [...]

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Do Egalitarians Believe Women and Men Are Interchangeable?

By: Retha Faurie | May 30, 2024

Don’t you sometimes wish you could help people understand you better? Or at least that, when disagreeing with you, they would engage your actual arguments and not straw-man versions of them? Today, I want to draw little pictures to help correct a common misconception about egalitarianism: the idea that we think men and women [...]

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Leading Together in Christ: A Biblical View of Authority

By: Dawn Gentry | May 23, 2024

Paul sets an example for us to practice humility and deference to the needs of others. He did not seek power over others or claim a position of status. Paul encourages the church to treat each other like family. He did not press into his God-given authority, but rather served alongside many other co-workers—both [...]

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The Myth of the Jezebel Spirit

By: Jackie David Johns | May 2, 2024

I know dozens of women who have been told they have a Jezebel spirit. In my experience, they are most often faithful servants of God, who dare to speak the truth to those who do not want to hear it. This pejorative terminology is doing harm to many in the church.

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The Household Codes Are One Passage: Why Do We Have Two Exegeses?

By: Robert J. Mayer | April 18, 2024

If we interpret and apply Ephesians 5–6 without reference to the household slavery that Paul obviously recognized in Ephesus, why do we stress patriarchal interpretations of the same passage in a society that has become post-patriarchal?

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Women and Words: “We All Read the Bible Through a Cultural Lens” with Dr. Diphus Chemorion

By: Mimi Haddad, Diphus C. Chemorion | February 9, 2024

Host Dr. Mimi Haddad continues her conversation with Dr. Diphus Chemorion, a member of CBE’s Bible translation Old Testament team. Dr. Chemorion states that the goal of CBE’s Gender Accurate Bible translation (GAB) is accuracy related to the dignity and agency of women and men.

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Women and Words: Bible Translation as Communication with Dr. Diphus Chemorion

By: Mimi Haddad, Diphus C. Chemorion | January 12, 2024

Host Dr. Mimi Haddad meets with Dr. Diphus Chemorion, a member of CBE’s Bible translation Old Testament team. Dr. Diphus Chemorion clearly and methodically describes the process of Bible translation primarily as communication versus theological exposition.

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Video: Head Coverings in 1 Corinthians 11:2–16 with Craig S. Keener

By: Craig Keener | November 21, 2023

This workshop will examine Paul's text on head coverings in 1 Corinthians and the way that he addresses the cultural setting of his day.  

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