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Women’s History Month: The African Face of Global Evangelicalism

By: Mimi Haddad | March 28, 2024

Throughout church history, women have played no small part in the growth of the church worldwide. According to research today, “the future of Christianity is both female and African.” Consider the phenomenal leadership of women being used by the Holy Spirit to anchor and grow Christianity in East Africa.

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Rediscovering Women’s History

By: Carrie Silveira | March 6, 2024

In this issue of Mutuality, each article tells the story of a woman (or women) who faithfully followed God’s call on her life, with no regard for the obstacles or sacrifices involved.

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Kay Smith: Mother of the Jesus Movement

By: Michaela Farrell | March 6, 2024

Although not as well-known as Chuck Smith or Lonnie Frisbee, “Mama Kay” was one of the key figures behind the growth of the Jesus Movement in the 1960s and 1970s.

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Jennie Johnson and Ordained Women’s Ministry in Canada

By: Taylor James Murray | March 6, 2024

One of Canada’s earliest known ordained women, a Black preacher named Jennie Johnson served communities in both Canada and the United States.

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The Apostolic Life of Walatta-Petros

By: Bridget Jack Jeffries | March 6, 2024

Apostle Walatta-Petros remained an outspoken Christian leader in the face of suffering and imprisonment, demonstrating faithfulness which would have a lasting effect on Ethiopia’s religious development.

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Elinor Thornton: Bush Camp Preacher

By: Beulah Wood | March 6, 2024

An evangelist and preacher in timber camps, churches, and missions in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Elinor sparked revivals and spread the gospel, causing ripple effects everywhere she and later, her husband, went.

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Christian Baptism as the Gender-Inclusive Covenant Sign

By: Jennifer Anne Cox | January 31, 2024

The gendered identity marker of the community of faith in the Old Testament (circumcision) was replaced by a gender-neutral one in the New Testament (baptism), opening the doors to a concrete practice of egalitarian theology by way of women in leadership.

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Pentecostal Women Leaders: The Interplay of Egalitarian Theology, Feminism, and Pentecostalism

By: Anna Morgan | January 31, 2024

John’s theologically weighty metaphor of rebirth is insightfully feminine, underlining the Christian’s dependence on God.

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From Exception to Norm? Women in Theology

By: Ann Loades | January 31, 2024

This St Andrews University School of Divinity 2022 Smith Lecture tracks pioneering women theologians from the 14th century Julian of Norwich onwards, showing how they made their contributions both while outside of and, later, from within academia.

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The Theological Quest of an Indian Woman: Dogma, Doubts, and Debates in Pandita Ramabai’s Early Christian Life

By: Chongpongmeren Jamir | January 31, 2024

Pandita Ramabai of India was an unorthodox theologian who, as a scholar of Hinduism and Christianity, approached Christology as a quest for truth.

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