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Finding Our Identity in the Imago Dei

By: Kathy Myatt | September 14, 2023

Seeing ourselves and each other as God does means we are no longer bound to gender-based cultural rules. We are able to grow in love, work to promote the growth and well-being of others, whether that be a child, a friend, a partner, female or male in accordance with our gifts and callings.

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Let's Stop Doing as the Romans Do

By: Adam Benner | May 4, 2023

Despite the complementarian claim that female submission is authentically “Christian,” it’s actually more in keeping with Roman practice. In Ephesians 5:25–28, however, Paul teaches his readers to behave in a way that’s very different from that of Roman males—a truly Christian way of honouring women. The question is, will we learn what he [...]

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If Complementarianism Isn't Working for Some, It Isn't Working for All

By: Liz Cooledge Jenkins | April 20, 2023

Why are some women seemingly content in complementarian settings and others not? Women gifted in leadership feel the painful chains of patriarchy more than others, as they reach to use their gifts without breaking. When churches keep women from using their God-given callings, the whole body of God suffers.  

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What Happened When My Wife Helped with My Sermon

By: Bill Rudd | March 30, 2023

What happens when a male pastor introduces feedback from his wife into his sermons? Bill Rudd reveals that the whole church benefits when women and men bring their unique gifts, experiences, and insights together.

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New Voices: Non-Toxic Masculinity with Zachary Wagner

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Zachary Wagner | March 10, 2023

What does purity culture have to do with toxic masculinity? Author Zachary Wagner talks about his forthcoming book with Erin and Blake, Non-Toxic Masculinity: Recovering Healthy Male Sexuality. They discuss how both women and men are dehumanized by purity culture and toxic masculinity, and how Jesus and the gospel restores them both.

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Galilee’s Got Talent! How the Arts Empower Women

By: Nijay K. Gupta | March 1, 2023

It’s no surprise that women’s voices are often left in the dark in patriarchal cultures. But throughout the Bible and beyond, the arts have brought women’s hidden voices to light. Women indwelled with the Spirit should let their voices ring as Mary, Deborah, and Miriam did. 

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Courage to Unsubscribe from Patriarchal Beliefs

By: Michelle Rayburn | January 25, 2023

Letting go of patriarchal beliefs means intentionally sorting through what is right and true and unsubscribing from all that is not. We model the process for others through humility, willingness to learn, and courage.

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Global Impact: Partnering in East Africa to Bring Human Flourishing with Deborah Asio

By: Mimi Haddad, Kimberly Dickson, Deborah Asio | January 6, 2023

In this episode, Mimi and Kim discuss CBE’s partnerships in East Africa with Deborah Asio. Deborah, as CBE’s liaison and a partner herself, reveals how highlighting the women of Scripture as powerful examples inspires women and men in East Africa to champion equality and mutuality for the flourishing of all. 

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Does Jesus Still Speak to Women?

By: Virginia Quarrier Knowles | December 21, 2022

We rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus himself is still actively calling women into a saving relationship with himself, building them up through the Word and the Holy Spirit, and sending them out into ministry.

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New Voices: Jesus and Women with Dr. Lynn Cohick

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Lynn Cohick | December 9, 2022

CBE International’s Mutuality magazine winter issue will tackle the topic of Jesus and women. To help us think deeply about this and how it affects our discipleship and reading of Scripture, Dr. Lynn Cohick speaks with hosts Erin and Blake about the overlooked women throughout Scripture and how Jesus truly saw them.

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