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Marriage Is Not a Monarchy: Decision-Making in a Crisis 

By: Mikaela Bell | June 1, 2023

Editor’s Note: This article was also published in French on ServirEnsemble. My husband and I rolled up to the train station in Bordeaux, France in the middle of the worst heat wave in French history. We were riding overly heavy rental bikes, grimy with sweat and road dust, and hauling a trailer that contained a [...]

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Women and the Sanctity of Singleness

By: Rachel Larsen | May 25, 2023

Some evangelical churches hold marriage as the epitome of Christian life, while single women are often left on the sidelines of ministry, waiting to be seen. These single women have much to offer the church: gifts, resources, and deep relationships with God. It's time for churches to see not only the sanctity of marriage but [...]

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Planting Seeds of Mutuality in a Complementarian Church

By: J.A. Boone | May 18, 2023

What happens when a gifted woman who believes in mutuality stays in a complementarian church? God uses her to plant seeds of mutuality that may grow.

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Four Attitudes of Jesus that Empower Women

By: Jill Richardson | May 11, 2023

What can we learn from how Jesus empowered women? With Christ as our example, women and men can learn to fully embody the new creation and truly bring God's kingdom into this world — a kingdom where women are actually seen, respected, and set free to live out their calling.

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Let's Stop Doing as the Romans Do

By: Adam Benner | May 4, 2023

Despite the complementarian claim that female submission is authentically “Christian,” it’s actually more in keeping with Roman practice. In Ephesians 5:25–28, however, Paul teaches his readers to behave in a way that’s very different from that of Roman males—a truly Christian way of honouring women. The question is, will we learn what he [...]

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Keeping My Name: A 30th Anniversary Reflection

By: Amy J. Chase | April 27, 2023

“Wife of Lappidoth” or “woman of flames”? Which would you rather be? Women marrying today must make a similar decision as they choose whether to take their husband’s last name or keep their own. 

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If Complementarianism Isn't Working for Some, It Isn't Working for All

By: Liz Cooledge Jenkins | April 20, 2023

Why are some women seemingly content in complementarian settings and others not? Women gifted in leadership feel the painful chains of patriarchy more than others, as they reach to use their gifts without breaking. When churches keep women from using their God-given callings, the whole body of God suffers.  

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Five Ways Churches Can Empower Women as Civic Leaders

By: Aria M. Spears | April 13, 2023

Civic leadership through boards and commissions is an underutilized resource for church members to help their communities thrive. Women are especially underrepresented in these decision-making bodies. Churches can play a non-partisan role in equipping women to serve with excellence, humility, and wisdom. This article covers six steps for local churches to develop a strategy to [...]

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What Happened When My Wife Helped with My Sermon

By: Bill Rudd | March 30, 2023

What happens when a male pastor introduces feedback from his wife into his sermons? Bill Rudd reveals that the whole church benefits when women and men bring their unique gifts, experiences, and insights together.

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Are All Women Called to Have Children?

By: Katie Pezzutto | March 23, 2023

Many couples are impacted by an expectation to have children that appears biblical. A wise reading of Scripture leads us away from the belief that all couples are required to bear and raise children. Christian women can find freedom because they are designed to serve God in their unique context.

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