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God’s World Is Not a Man’s World

By: Hannele Ottschofski | August 3, 2023

Patriarchy is a system that values men and their achievements more than women and their achievements. A patriarchal society is male-dominated, male-identified, and male-centred. The male person is the centre of attention and everything else—or everyone else, including women—are defined by their relationships to men. Oppression of women and girls is often a [...]

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El Roi: The God Who Sees, Values, and Hears Women

By: Joy Smith | July 13, 2023

In the church, where the attention is often on what women should or should not be allowed to do, it is encouraging to look at how God sees women. Throughout the Bible, women are present — their lives and words form the Scriptures — and God values them. God wants to hear their voices. He sees them, [...]

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Five Ways Churches Can Empower Women as Civic Leaders

By: Aria M. Spears | April 13, 2023

Civic leadership through boards and commissions is an underutilized resource for church members to help their communities thrive. Women are especially underrepresented in these decision-making bodies. Churches can play a non-partisan role in equipping women to serve with excellence, humility, and wisdom. This article covers six steps for local churches to develop a strategy to [...]

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Book Review: The Bible vs. Biblical Womanhood: How God's Word Consistently Affirms Gender Equality

By: Kate Netzler Burch | April 6, 2023

The Bible vs. Biblical Womanhood is a thorough, comprehensive, and accessible introduction to prominent Bible passages that are often used to limit women. Philip B. Payne builds upon and summarizes a lifetime of research to show God’s word consistently affirms the equality of women and men.

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What Happened When My Wife Helped with My Sermon

By: Bill Rudd | March 30, 2023

What happens when a male pastor introduces feedback from his wife into his sermons? Bill Rudd reveals that the whole church benefits when women and men bring their unique gifts, experiences, and insights together.

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Are All Women Called to Have Children?

By: Katie Pezzutto | March 23, 2023

Many couples are impacted by an expectation to have children that appears biblical. A wise reading of Scripture leads us away from the belief that all couples are required to bear and raise children. Christian women can find freedom because they are designed to serve God in their unique context.

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Imago Dei Women? Let’s Try to Really Understand What Genesis 1–3 Means for Women 

By: Kara Angus | November 24, 2022

What exactly did God declare “good” when he created humans? Did God build leadership and authority into men while ensuring that following and submission were inherent in women’s DNA?

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An Ethic of Sacredness and Justice: Recovering the Imago Dei of Mothers

By: Mayzie Mayfield | March 5, 2022

The church needs to do better in caring for the mental and physical health of mothers. A thorough understanding of Genesis 1 and 3 will help build a framework from which to act.

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Created in God’s Image: Theological and Social Impact

By: John Wijngaards | October 31, 2021

Genesis teaches that men and women share the divine image equally and are therefore fully equal as human beings.

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The Book of Eden, Genesis 2–3: God Didn't Curse Eve (or Adam) or Limit Woman in Any Way

By: Katie Patchell | March 19, 2021

The Book of Eden: Genesis 2–3 by Bruce C. E. Fleming (based on the work of Joy Fleming, PhD, PsyD), is an excellent addition to the field of biblical gender studies.

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