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Intersectionality: Where Do We Begin? Finding Our Place in God’s Plan

By: Angela Ravin-Anderson, Liz Testa | February 23, 2024

In this episode Dr. Angela is interviewed by new co-host, Rev. Liz Testa. You will leave with fresh ideas for creating healthy, compassionate spaces of inclusion and equity.  

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Betty Greene (1920–1997)—No Airman

By: Jill Richardson | February 22, 2024

Betty Greene is not a common household name. As a woman and a pilot, she flew beyond expectations despite the many barriers she faced. Women today continue to face similar barriers. What can the church do for the Betty Greene's of the world? 

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Book Review: The Struggle to Stay: Why Single Evangelical Women Are Leaving the Church

By: Emma Feyas | February 14, 2024

 The Struggle to Stay sheds light on why women are leaving evangelical churches through real stories and research.

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Women and Words: “We All Read the Bible Through a Cultural Lens” with Dr. Diphus Chemorion

By: Mimi Haddad, Diphus C. Chemorion | February 9, 2024

Host Dr. Mimi Haddad continues her conversation with Dr. Diphus Chemorion, a member of CBE’s Bible translation Old Testament team. Dr. Chemorion states that the goal of CBE’s Gender Accurate Bible translation (GAB) is accuracy related to the dignity and agency of women and men.

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When Is Teaching Not Teaching?

By: Sue Sutherland | February 8, 2024

Women often are held back from speaking at the pulpit because they would be "teaching" men in complementarian contexts. Isn't it teaching, no matter what context one is in? This led one woman to ask, "When is teaching not teaching?" She found that the Bible encourages women to use their gifts of teaching, and gives [...]

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"Consider Getting an MDiv": Seminary Education, Double Standards, and Women in Ministry

By: Liz Cooledge Jenkins | February 1, 2024

Some women feel called to get more education, while others find education is required for pastoral positions despite their male counterparts having none. This is just one double standard many women face in pastoral ministry, and it often leads to further barriers to ministry, such as crippling debt.

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Christian Baptism as the Gender-Inclusive Covenant Sign

By: Jennifer Anne Cox | January 31, 2024

The gendered identity marker of the community of faith in the Old Testament (circumcision) was replaced by a gender-neutral one in the New Testament (baptism), opening the doors to a concrete practice of egalitarian theology by way of women in leadership.

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Born into God’s Kingdom: A Sermon on John 3:1–21

By: Juliann Bullock | January 31, 2024

John’s theologically weighty metaphor of rebirth is insightfully feminine, underlining the Christian’s dependence on God.

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Pentecostal Women Leaders: The Interplay of Egalitarian Theology, Feminism, and Pentecostalism

By: Anna Morgan | January 31, 2024

John’s theologically weighty metaphor of rebirth is insightfully feminine, underlining the Christian’s dependence on God.

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Editor's Reflection: Winter 2024

By: Havilah Dharamraj | January 31, 2024

The winter issue of Priscilla Papers includes six articles that examine the unique contributions women have made to Christian theology, academia, and the church. 

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