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Global Impact: Does Good Theology Reduce Gender-Based Violence? With Frankie Quirke

By: Mimi Haddad, Kimberly Dickson, Francesca Quirke | December 2, 2022

In this second episode in a two-part interview of Mutuality Matters (Global Impact), Frankie Quirke explains how she became involved in Tearfund’s work with gender and equality and how it grew to include programs designed to minimize sexual and gender-based violence. She speaks of new initiatives and horizons that more fully include the whole [...]

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Women in Scripture and Mission: Saint Rafka of Lebanon

By: Kimberly Dickson | December 2, 2022

Rafka’s quiet life of strength and love has earned her the deep devotion of the Lebanese Maronite Christians. Rafka provides the inspiration to carry on in their faith, despite the severe challenges they face as a minority community in Lebanon.      

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Women and Men Leading Together: The Power of “One-Degree Adjustments” with Rev. Tim Breen

By: Layla Van Gerpen, Rob Dixon, Tim Breen | December 1, 2022

Join us this week on Mutuality Matters Rev. Tim Breen helps us consider how continual “one-degree adjustments” cultivate a culture of mutuality in the church. Tim also shares his personal journey toward egalitarianism, as well as helpful reflections on Scripture. 

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Three Reasons to Rethink the Samaritan Woman in John 4

By: Rachel Larsen | November 30, 2022

The modern understanding of the Samaritan woman in John 4 has painted a picture of an adulterous, immoral woman. But is that really how she should be viewed? 

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Imago Dei Women? Let’s Try to Really Understand What Genesis 1–3 Means for Women 

By: Kara Angus | November 24, 2022

What exactly did God declare “good” when he created humans? Did God build leadership and authority into men while ensuring that following and submission were inherent in women’s DNA?

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Women in Scripture and Mission: Saint Rafka of Lebanon

By: CBE International | December 2, 2022

Christian history is full of remarkable women. Here we highlight Saint Rafka of Lebanon.

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Women in Scripture and Mission: Abigail

By: Kimberly Dickson | November 18, 2022

Abigail saved not just herself and her household, but David’s future and the future of Israel

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Intersectionality: Let’s See Color! With guest Michelle T. Sanchez

By: Angela Ravin-Anderson, Michelle T. Sanchez | November 18, 2022

Michelle T. Sanchez, author of the newly released book, Color-Courageous Discipleship: Follow Jesus, Dismantle Racism, and Build Beloved Community, shares with Angela her belief that it is impossible to separate race, discipleship, and our relationship with God.

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“The Serpent Has Suffocated in a Woman”: Eve and Mary in the Liturgical Songs of Hildegard of Bingen

By: Emma Yeager | November 16, 2022

Romans 5 explores the link between Eden and the incarnation—through Adam and Jesus. Hildegard of Bingen’s liturgical songs also form parallels between Eden and the incarnation, but she focuses instead on Eve and Mary.

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Women in Scripture and Mission: Lady Doquz

By: Kimberly Dickson | November 4, 2022

Paul’s reference to Junia as an apostle often stops many protestant Christians in their tracks for three reasons: they have never heard of Junia, they did not think women could be apostles, or they thought there were only twelve apostles. 

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