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What Happened When My Wife Helped with My Sermon

By: Bill Rudd | March 30, 2023

What happens when a male pastor introduces feedback from his wife into his sermons? Bill Rudd reveals that the whole church benefits when women and men bring their unique gifts, experiences, and insights together.

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Men and Women Leading Together: “I Wonder If It’s Already Happening?” with Rev. Elaine May

By: Layla Van Gerpen, Rob Dixon, Elaine May | March 24, 2023

This month, Rev. Elaine May shares a hopeful vision for shared leadership in the context of God’s mission. She shares a compelling list of practical tips that create leadership pipelines, developing women into leaders, and intentionally modeling fruitful partnerships for the next generation.

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Video: TGC DAI Presents: Rebecca's Story Subtitled Portuguese

March 23, 2022

Rachel's story is all too common for women around the world. Outside of the church, women are allowed to lead, teach, and work in positions of authority. Within the church, many women discover that this is not the case, and often look for answers within Scripture. Discover Rachel's story and her journey to find answers [...]

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Are All Women Called to Have Children?

By: Katie Pezzutto | March 23, 2023

Many couples are impacted by an expectation to have children that appears biblical. A wise reading of Scripture leads us away from the belief that all couples are required to bear and raise children. Christian women can find freedom because they are designed to serve God in their unique context.

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Intersectionality: Show Up to Love with Rev. Stephanie Wilkins

By: Angela Ravin-Anderson, Stephanie Wilkins | March 17, 2023

Today, Rev. Stephanie Wilkins and Angela discuss how she is using her gifts of compassion and teaching to serve the least of these. For her, advocating for just laws and fair treatment of all people is holy work.    

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Educator and Visionary: A Profile of Mary McLeod Bethune

By: Rachel Larsen | March 16, 2023

When a swarm of Ku Klux Klan marched onto her campus, Mary McLeod Bethune and other staff members stood their ground. Little did Bethune know that when God had shut the door for her to become a missionary, she would find herself here and later become one of the most influential educators and activists of [...]

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Book Review: Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church

By: Brianna Cortez | March 14, 2023

Whereas most books on women in ministry primarily focus on contested Bible verses, Nijay K. Gupta’s "Tell Her Story" takes a different approach. Gupta studies women throughout the Old and New Testament first, as if to say, these are the stories we need to shape our view of women—the ones that depict what [...]

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New Voices: Non-Toxic Masculinity with Zachary Wagner

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Zachary Wagner | March 10, 2023

What does purity culture have to do with toxic masculinity? Author Zachary Wagner talks about his forthcoming book with Erin and Blake, Non-Toxic Masculinity: Recovering Healthy Male Sexuality. They discuss how both women and men are dehumanized by purity culture and toxic masculinity, and how Jesus and the gospel restores them both.

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Sacred Wound, Sacred Calling: Elevating Women Survivors Worldwide

By: Mimi Haddad | March 9, 2023

In honor of International Women’s Day, we lift up the voices of women survivors and their allies around the globe who fight against sexual and physical abuse. Their “sacred wounds” transform into “sacred callings” of justice and truth, lighting the way to human flourishing for all.

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Global Impact: Religious Gatekeeping and Egalitarian Leadership with Dr. Beth Birmingham

By: Mimi Haddad, Kimberly Dickson, Beth Birmingham | March 3, 2023

In this episode, hosts Mimi and Kim explore the progress towards egalitarian leadership in Christian humanitarian organizations with Dr. Beth Birmingham. Through a combination of her straightforward analysis, Christian faith, and mentoring of men and women leaders, Beth provides a lens into the link between human flourishing and egalitarian leadership. 

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