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Book Review: She Deserves Better

By: Mikaela Bell | September 14, 2023

After finishing their survey and best-selling book The Great Sex Rescue, testing popular Christian teachings about marriage and sex and empirically demonstrating the harm caused by patriarchal messages, co-authors Sheila Wray Gregoire, Rebecca Gregoire Lindenbach, and Joanna Sawatsky received many inquiries from parents of young girls. These mothers (and fathers) wanted to know how they [...]

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Indigenous Theology and the Western Worldview

By: William David Spencer | August 7, 2023

This book about indigenous, First Nations theology emphasizes the leadership of women.

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Book Review: Grace is Not Faceless: Reflections on Mary

By: Kristin Lassen | June 23, 2023

Reading this short but weighty book may advance your appreciation of Mary as much as it has for me!

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Book Review: On Purpose: Understanding God’s Freedom for Women Through Scripture

By: Kristin Lassen | June 23, 2023

Read On Purpose to find complex teachings in Scripture clarified by the wider contexts of Scripture and the real-life situations addressed. The Holy Spirit may use On Purpose as a tool to meet you in your quest to understand more of God’s truth.

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Book Review: Love and War: Find Your Way to Something Beautiful in Your Marriage

By: Ryan Snyder | June 21, 2023

Ultimately, Love & War’s fundamental flaw is its failure to appreciate the diversity of human experience.

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Book Review: The Bible vs. Biblical Womanhood: How God's Word Consistently Affirms Gender Equality

By: Kate Netzler Burch | April 6, 2023

The Bible vs. Biblical Womanhood is a thorough, comprehensive, and accessible introduction to prominent Bible passages that are often used to limit women. Philip B. Payne builds upon and summarizes a lifetime of research to show God’s word consistently affirms the equality of women and men.

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Book Review: Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church

By: Brianna Cortez | March 14, 2023

Whereas most books on women in ministry primarily focus on contested Bible verses, Nijay K. Gupta’s "Tell Her Story" takes a different approach. Gupta studies women throughout the Old and New Testament first, as if to say, these are the stories we need to shape our view of women—the ones that depict what [...]

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Book Review: Mary and Early Christian Women: Hidden Leadership

By: Eric Anthony | February 24, 2023

Kateusz goes to great lengths to show, successfully, that many of the documents and artworks we have today suffered intentional changes to remove or revise references to women as leaders. However, there are times when Kateusz goes beyond the evidence, though this can be difficult to parse for the non-specialist in history and art.

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Book Review: Women and the Gender of God

By: Todd Edmondson | February 15, 2023

God “harbors no preference for males because God the Father is not male and God the Son is male like no other.” 

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