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Seminary Scholarships for Women

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Statistics prove that educating and empowering women leads to human flourishing for the entire community. If more women are empowered to exercise their gifts as God intends, imagine what it would do for the church and the world.

Combating the Suppression of Women’s Call to Ministry Leadership

The Alvera Mickelsen Memorial Scholarship (AMMS) was created to help women answer their call to ministry by providing academic scholarships. It is designed to provide financial assistance to women who are pursuing a master’s degree in a ministry field related to preaching, communicating, writing, youth ministry, pastoral, or nonprofit work. The scholarship covers tuition and is based on merit and financial need.

Alvera MickelsenAlvera Mickelsen, a CBE founder and its first board chair, was a prophetic leader and gracious ambassador of biblical equality for women. The scholarship is made possible through the generosity of Alvera’s family and individual CBE donors. Since the fund was established, we have been able to award fourteen $6,000 scholarships over the past five years.

Adding more women to all male leadership teams lowers unethical practices and improves productivity and organizational effectiveness. These scholarships enable more women to work as leaders beside men in churches and ministries, which benefits everyone!


We need to come together now to let our sisters in Christ know that God created and gifted them to lead in the church!

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“Receiving the AMMS award would assist me in answering my call to ministry by giving me more financial freedom to pursue my goals. With a master’s degree in theology, I will be given many opportunities to do what the Lord has called me to do. God has placed a dream in my heart to be a voice for the lost, and I believe he will use me as a preacher, writer, and a clinician.” —AMMS applicant

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