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ETS Journals

Each year since 2010, CBE has published a special edition journal to be distributed to the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS). These journals are academic in nature and bundle academic articles from Priscilla Papers with some new articles and some material previously published elsewhere.

Read all our ETS journals in full, for free, below.



Eyes to See and Ears to Hear Women: Sexual Assault as a Crisis of Evangelical Theology



In CBE’s book, Eyes to See and Ears to Hear Women, authors examine evangelical Christianity’s engagement with women, gender, sexuality, and abuse. They reveal startling connections between popular teachings on gender and the abuse crisis that has plagued society for centuries.

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Preserving the Trinity



In the 2016 ETS journal, authors weigh in on the debate over whether the Son is permanently subordinate to the Father within the Trinity, and on the implications of this view on other theological matters.

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A Question Mark Over My Head



Distributed in 2015 to members of the Evangelical Theological Society, this journal features the results of a first-of-its-kind study on the experiences of women in the evangelical academy. Plus, articles on the place of women in the church, including two essays from the egalitarian classic Discovering Biblical Equality (used by permission).

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Missing Voices



Distributed in 2014 to members of the Evangelical Theological Society, Missing Voices shares egalitarian perspectives often ignored in the evangelical academy. This journal continues the conversation on the meaning of kephale in Ephesians 5, offers insights on the use of oude in 1 Timothy 2, examines the nature of the Trinity, and calls for ETS to be more welcoming to women.

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An Evangelical Tradition



Women have been crucial in the development and growth of evangelicalism through education, mission work, and ministry. In this special edition journal prepared for the 2013 annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, several scholars examine the historical basis for egalitarianism within evangelicalism.

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Male Authority in Context



In order to interpret the biblical text accurately, we must closely examine its background, our own context, and its implications in our own world today. Sent to members of the Evangelical Theological Society, this journal is offered as a means to begin a discussion of male authority in a biblical context.

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Man, Woman, and the Triune God



This journal, distributed in 2011 to members of the Evangelical Theological Society, argues for mutuality and equality in the Trinity, countering the teaching that the Son is eternally subordinate to the Father. It also includes articles exploring how individuals embraced biblical equality and its impact on marriage, vocation, and self-esteem.

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The Deception of Eve and the Ontology of Women



A special CBE publication developed for members of the Evangelical Theological Society, this journal offers a biblical, theological, and practical challenge to the idea that women are inferior at the level of being and should therefore hold roles of submission to men. Contributors include scholars, counselors, and pastors.

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