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Journals for Pastors

CBE occasionally creates a special edition journal for pastors of specific denominations.

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A Biblical Tradition, or a Path to Liberalism?



With pastors in mind, this special edition journal examines the biblical basis for egalitarianism. Through historical research and philosophical consideration, this journal addresses the assertion that egalitarianism undermines the authority of Scripture. Academically rich yet wonderfully accessible, A Biblical Tradition or a Path to Liberalism? is a useful resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the background and nature of biblical equality.

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Correcting Caricatures



Developed as a mailing to pastors, Correcting Caricatures combines compelling personal stories and rigorous academic research to explore God’s ideal for women and men in ministry. In doing so, the articles respond to many of the common objections to the mutual leadership of women and men in the church.

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One Image, One Purpose, One Baptism



Geared toward a Lutheran audience, this journal affirms the notion that male and female are made in one image, for one purpose, and brought together in Christ through one baptism and asks the question “what does this mean?” In doing so, it explores the Bible’s rich truths on women, presenting a coherent picture that supports the equal partnership of men and women in ministry and the home.

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