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Women in Scripture and Mission: Junia the Apostle

By: Kimberly Dickson | June 7, 2023

Paul’s reference to Junia as an apostle often stops many protestant Christians in their tracks for three reasons: they have never heard of Junia, they did not think women could be apostles, or they thought there were only twelve apostles. 

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Book Review: Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church

By: Brianna Cortez | March 14, 2023

Whereas most books on women in ministry primarily focus on contested Bible verses, Nijay K. Gupta’s "Tell Her Story" takes a different approach. Gupta studies women throughout the Old and New Testament first, as if to say, these are the stories we need to shape our view of women—the ones that depict what [...]

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Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church

By: Nijay K. Gupta | March 14, 2023

For centuries, discussions of early Christianity have focused on male leaders in the church. But there is ample evidence right in the New Testament that women were actively involved in ministry, at the frontier of the gospel mission, and as respected leaders.

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Junia, a Female Apostle: An Examination of the Historical Record

By: Dennis J. Preato | April 26, 2019

Romans 16:7 presents two interpretive issues. Was the person named Iounian a man or a woman and was Iounian counted as “highly regarded among the apostles” or only “highly regarded by the apostles”?

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How Bible Translation Shapes Our View of Women in God’s Story

By: Amy F. Davis Abdallah | December 5, 2017

The truth is, women have always been leaders and exemplars of the faith, and Scripture praises them for it. Let’s do all we can to make sure that one day, every Bible translation celebrates that reality.

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Calling All Deborahs, Esthers, and Junias

By: Gricel Medina | June 14, 2017

If we want to see women free, we have to challenge the message that passivity is godly. We have to encourage women to boldly exercise their God-given authority. We must image Bible women who took direct action to further God’s vision for the world.

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Junia, a Woman, an Apostle

By: J.W. Wartick | January 1, 2015

Junia, A Woman, An Apostle by David Williams is a thorough examination of Romans 16:7. The book is intended to introduce general readership to the technical arguments for the conclusion that the person spoken of in this verse was a woman apostle.

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Junia: Outstanding Among the Apostles

By: Allison Quient | March 20, 2013

One famous woman who requires explanation from those who do not believe women should occupy the highest levels of leadership is Junia, “outstanding among the apostles.” 

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Shifting Footings

By: Scot McKnight | February 1, 2012

Complementarians often shift their footings when it comes to Junia (Rom. 16:7). They want to find some argument on which they can stand to diminish the significance of the woman.

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A Female Apostle: Was Junia a Man or a Woman?

By: Dennis J. Preato | April 30, 2003

Was the Junia mentioned in Romans 16:7 a man or a woman? The Greek word Iounian has been translated either as “Junias” (male) or as “Junia” (female). And what is the meaning of “outstanding among the apostles”? 

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