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Book Review: Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church

By: Brianna Cortez | March 14, 2023

Whereas most books on women in ministry primarily focus on contested Bible verses, Nijay K. Gupta’s "Tell Her Story" takes a different approach. Gupta studies women throughout the Old and New Testament first, as if to say, these are the stories we need to shape our view of women—the ones that depict what [...]

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Paul’s Concern for Ephesus: A Survey of 1 Timothy 2:8–15

By: Eliza Stiles | November 3, 2022

Paul’s concern about the situation in Ephesus is not that women or men are causing problems, but that the church’s witness in the Ephesian community is at risk. In 1 Timothy 2:8–15 Paul urges Timothy to counter false teaching with prayer, humility, education, and by confronting abusive authority.

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Verbal Inspiration Calls for Women Pastors

By: Bill Rudd | September 21, 2022

For Christians who believe in verbal inspiration, words matter when interpreting the Bible. To seriously study 1 Timothy 2, we must not ignore the precise words Paul used to talk about women.

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Priscilla Speaks

By: Mimi Haddad | March 25, 2021

To read Priscilla’s story through a lens of male-only leadership diminished her calling and also Paul’s. It also obstructs, demeans, and even abuses God’s welcome to women leaders and their male allies then and now!

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She Desires A Noble Task

By: Jim Reiher | March 25, 2021

Intended to help understanding, verse and chapter numbers are not the Word of God. Sometimes these additions break up thoughts that clearly should go together. This leaves interesting questions about 1 Timothy 2 and 3.

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How Much Does a Word Mean? Word Studies, Part 3

By: Jeff Miller | September 30, 2020

This is the third in a series about Bible word studies and translation for egalitarians. This entry focuses on a particular instance of a word doesn’t contain all the meaning that the word can carry in 1 Timothy 2.

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Eve as a "Type" of Christ: Reframing Power, Identity, & Gender in 1 Timothy 2

By: Allison Quient | August 3, 2019

Using a theological interpretative approach, this workshop provides evidence of a typological relationship between Eve and Christ and discusses some of the implications for our understanding of human power and identity.

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Type: Audio
Topics: 1 Timothy

Artemis of the Ephesians in First-Century Ephesus and Ramifications for How We Read 1 Timothy

By: Sandra Glahn | August 3, 2019

Who was Artemis Ephesia at the time of the earliest Christians, and what, if any, ramifications are there for how we understand 1 Timothy?

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Type: Audio
Topics: 1 Timothy

A Woman Who Serves

By: Charity Sandstrom | March 27, 2019

Does 1 Timothy 3:8-13 discount the possibility of women deacons? Not at all.

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Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church

By: Nijay K. Gupta | March 14, 2023

For centuries, discussions of early Christianity have focused on male leaders in the church. But there is ample evidence right in the New Testament that women were actively involved in ministry, at the frontier of the gospel mission, and as respected leaders.

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