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New Voices: “Women will be saved through childbearing”? 1 Timothy 2 and Artemis with Dr. Sandra Glahn

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Sandra Glahn | September 22, 2023

Are women saved through childbearing? Blake and Erin tackle one of the stickiest passages concerning women in the New Testament with scholar, Sandra Glahn. In her forthcoming book: Nobody’s Mother, Glahn tackles this passage from 1 Timothy and the context that informs it. You can find the book in CBE’s Bookstore. 

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Jesus and Women: A Close Look At The Gospels

By: Cynthia Muniz Soares | September 14, 2023

What can we observe about the women in each of the Gospels? Mark, widely considered the earliest Gospel, presents some significant accounts about women, some of which are found in the other Gospels.

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The Empowerment of Brazilian Christian Women Through Biblical Examples

By: Viktorya Zalewski Baracy | September 14, 2023

The world of Brazilian women is highly diverse and faces certain challenges depending on their social and geographic contexts. Amidst this diversity, we wonder if the most widely consumed Christian books in Brazil contribute positively to the spiritual formation and education of women.

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Women and Words: Translating the Old Testament Part One with Dr. Havilah Dharamraj

By: Mimi Haddad, Havilah Dharamraj | September 1, 2023

Dr. Havilah Dharamraj discusses not only her work leading CBE’s Old Testament translation team, but also their methodology, priorities, and examples of both.

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Battling Imposter Syndrome in the Aftermath of Vocational Ministry

By: Katherine Spearing | August 16, 2023

Women recovering from complementarian spaces often experience imposter syndrome and crippling feelings of shame. Katherine Spearing can relate. She shares how empowering other women helped her overcome imposter syndrome. 

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Setting the Record Straight: CBE’s 2023 Conference in Brazil

By: Mimi Haddad | August 9, 2023

CBE's 2023 Conference in Brazil set the record straight on women and men in the home, church, and world! Now, Mimi Haddad wraps up the conference with a glimpse into CBE's history with Brazil, shares impactful stories of women experiencing newfound freedom in Christ, and shows how the Spirit continues to move in Brazil today.

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Resgatando a Visão Bíblica: A Conferência da CBE 2023 no Brasil

By: Mimi Haddad | August 9, 2023

Vários anos atrás, Deus enviou à CBE uma profetisa do Brasil. Tendo um doutorado em uma instituição no Brasil, ela participou da conferência da CBE na Flórida em 2017. Ali ela conheceu meu esposo, que também nasceu e cresceu no Brasil. Durante o final de semana da conferência, ela compartilhou [...]

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Indigenous Theology and the Western Worldview

By: William David Spencer | August 7, 2023

This book about indigenous, First Nations theology emphasizes the leadership of women.

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Authority to Cover Her Head: The Liberating Message of 1 Corinthians 11:3–16

By: Juliann Bullock | August 7, 2023

Read within its cultural context, 1 Corinthians 11:3–16 grants women a position of freedom and honor within the church.  

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