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Are Things Changing for Women in the Majority World Church?

By: Kimberly Dickson | May 16, 2024

In Philip Jenkins’ study of global Christianity, he states, “Over the last century . . . the center of gravity in the Christian world has shifted inexorably . . . southward, to Africa and Latin America, and eastward toward Asia.” So my heart and mind ask, “Are things changing for women in the majority world?”

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Shiphrah and Puah: The Egyptian Midwives on the Frontlines of a Spiritual War

By: Emily Dixon | April 25, 2024

Shiphrah and Puah were two pivotal women whose fear of God prompted them to take part in one of the most momentous events in the Hebrew Scriptures. These women stood on the frontlines of the spiritual war we call the Exodus.

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The Household Codes Are One Passage: Why Do We Have Two Exegeses?

By: Robert J. Mayer | April 18, 2024

If we interpret and apply Ephesians 5–6 without reference to the household slavery that Paul obviously recognized in Ephesus, why do we stress patriarchal interpretations of the same passage in a society that has become post-patriarchal?

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Mary Magdalene's Miracle

By: Elaine Kelly | April 4, 2024

There is an old story that the tradition of painting Easter eggs originated with Mary Magdalene. She boldly appeared before Emperor Tiberius and declared, “Christ is risen!” Tiberius gestured to an egg she held and said, “Christ has no more risen than that egg is red.” Immediately, the egg turned red.

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Women’s History Month: The African Face of Global Evangelicalism

By: Mimi Haddad | March 28, 2024

Throughout church history, women have played no small part in the growth of the church worldwide. According to research today, “the future of Christianity is both female and African.” Consider the phenomenal leadership of women being used by the Holy Spirit to anchor and grow Christianity in East Africa.

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Barbie, The Book of the City of Ladies, and the Battle against Internalized Misogyny

By: Mary Bell | March 21, 2024

In the Barbie movie (2023), America Ferrera’s character gives an iconic speech about how “it is literally impossible to be a woman.” Christine de Pisan in 1405 also wrote a popular and highly regarded defense of women: The Book of the City of Ladies.

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The Apostolic Life of Walatta-Petros

By: Bridget Jack Jeffries | March 6, 2024

Apostle Walatta-Petros remained an outspoken Christian leader in the face of suffering and imprisonment, demonstrating faithfulness which would have a lasting effect on Ethiopia’s religious development.

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Elinor Thornton: Bush Camp Preacher

By: Beulah Wood | March 6, 2024

An evangelist and preacher in timber camps, churches, and missions in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, Elinor sparked revivals and spread the gospel, causing ripple effects everywhere she and later, her husband, went.

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Martyrdom and Motherhood: Perpetua and Felicity

By: Kylie Polkinghorne | March 6, 2024

The legacy of these mothers martyred for their faith demonstrates the life of sacrifice to which we are all called, be it sacrificing ourselves for our children or our lives for our Lord.

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