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Published Date: August 9, 2022

Published Date: August 9, 2022

Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Editor’s Reflection: Summer 2022

I’m writing this shortly before CBE’s annual conference, to be held in August in Atlanta, Georgia. Many of the conference speakers have written for Priscilla Papers, and I’ve decided to provide a bibliography of these articles. The list below is select, rather than complete. One way I have kept it to a reasonable length is not including Mimi Haddad, Bill Spencer, or myself in the list; our roles at CBE would lengthen it beyond the space available. A complete Priscilla Papers index is available here.

Kim Dickson: “Rape, Dismemberment, and Chaos in Judges 19–21,” 36/1 (2022); “Elizabeth Johnson’s God-Talk Thirty Years Later: A Critique,” 36/2 (2022).

Rob Dixon: “Raising Up Allies: A Standardized Pathway for Developing Men into Allies to Women,” 34/3 (2020).

Craig Keener: “The Bible and Rape,” 8/3 (1994); “Divorce as a Justice Issue,” 13/4 (1999); “How Does Paul Interpret Eve in 1 Timothy 2?” 11/3 (1997); “Interpreting 1 Timothy 2:8–15,” 12/3 (1998); “I’ve Got You Covered: The Cultural Background for Veiling Women,” 10/1 (1996); “More on the Roles of Women in Antiquity,” 10/4 (1996); “Mutual Submission Frames the Household Codes,” 35/3 (2021); “A Negative Model of Manhood in Judges 19,” 9/2 (1995); “Paul and Sexual Harassment,” 12/3 (1998); “Sexual Infidelity as Exploitation,” 7/4 (1993); “The Role of Women in Proverbs,” 8/1 (1994).

Médine Keener: “The Cost of War for Women,” 26/1 (2012); “A Glimpse into the Life of a Courageous Woman: The Story of Emilienne Niangui Loubota,” 35/4 (2021); “How Subjection Harms Congolese Women: A Call to Consciousness,”21/3 (2007).

Phil Payne: “The Bible Teaches the Equal Standing of Man and Woman,” 29/1 (2015); “Does the New Testament Name Only Men as Local Church Officers?” 26/3 (2012); “Is 1 Corinthians 14:34–35 a Marginal Comment or a Quotation?” 33/2 (2019); “Wild Hair and Gender Equality in 1 Corinthians 11:2–16,” 20/3 (2006).

Ron Pierce: “Deborah: Troublesome Woman or Woman of Valor?” 32/2 (2018); “First Corinthians 7: Paul’s Neglected Treatise on Gender,” 23/3 (2009); “The Feminine Voice of God: Women as Prophets in the Bible,” 21/1 (2007).

Michelle Sanchez: “She-Preach,” 23/2 (2009); “Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: The Rise of Women’s Ordination in the Holiness Tradition,” 24/4 (2010).

Aída Besançon Spencer: “Avoiding the ‘Either-Or’ Trap,” 8/2 (1994); “A Cloud of Female Witnesses: Women Leaders in the New Testament,”23/4 (2009); “Does God Have Gender?” 24/2 (2010); “Early-Church Heroines: Rulers, Prophets and Martyrs,” 7/1 (1993); “From Poet to Judge: What Does Ephesians 5 Teach about Male-Female Roles?” 4/3 (1990); “A Gender Matter: A Response to the Colorado Springs Guidelines,” 11/4 (1997); “God as Mother, Not Mother as God: A Biblical Feminist Response to the New Feminism,” 5/4 (1991); “How God’s Spirit Worked a Revolution in Hawaii in 1819–1825,” 19/3 (2005); “Leadership of Women in Crete and Macedonia as a Model for the Church,”27/4 (2013); “The Seed of the Woman Will be Victorious: Death, Birth, Resurrection,”26/4 (2012); “The Song of Songs Celebrates God’s Kind of Love,” 28/3 (2014); “What are the Biblical Roles of Female and Male Followers of Christ?” 18/2 (2004).

Cynthia Long Westfall: “On Developing a Consistent Hermeneutical Approach to the Application of General Scriptures,” 24/3 (2010).

Terran Williams: “Subordinating Jesus and Women (and How Influential Evangelical Teachers Led Us Astray),” 36/3 (2022).