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Published Date: April 30, 2009

Published Date: April 30, 2009

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Flames of beauty-fire erupt from her lips
Like pure Pentecost
Her sister-speech sears and refines
Until all who listen
Dazzle like divine gold

Her mother-mouth is a fountain of life
Beckoning blossoms to sprout in desert souls
And birthing warm, fresh children
Into the cradle-kingdom of God
With enraged enmity her seed-sayings
Crush the skulls of satanic strongholds
Warrior-princess, her daughter-declarations
Authoritatively enact the triumph-rule of her Father-King

Like Eve, she promises life and redemption—
Like Sarah, she finds and inspires faith—
Like Miriam, she leads her sisters sweetly in song—
Like Deborah, she leads her bothers boldly to battle—
Like Jael, she is a secret weapon who smashes the enemy—
Like Ruth, she righteously breaks the rules—
Like Abigail, she is an ambassador of reconciliation—
Like Hannah, she prays in the revival of nations—
Like Huldah, she poignantly prophesies the troubling truth—
Like Mary, she chants magnificent melodies of peace and justice—
Like Priscilla, she patiently teaches the mysteries of the Word—
Like Junia, she is an outstanding preacher of the gospel!

Sister-mother-daughter-aunt-wife-friend . . .
At last!
Her soprano sermons rise and resound
As she joins the symphony with the best of her brothers
And so
the Great Co-Mission
May be completed
At last!