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About CBE International

CBE International (CBE), also known as Christians for Biblical Equality, is a nonprofit organization that advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class. Based on Scriptures such as Galatians 3:28, the CBE community believes that the Bible, properly interpreted, calls women and men to lead and serve as equals.

CBE was founded in 1988. With supporters, ministry partners, and chapters from over 100 denominations and 65 countries, CBE engages Christians nationally and globally with conferences, adult and youth curricula, multi-media resources, award-winning publications, a blog, and more.

International collaborations aim to eliminate gender-based violence and human trafficking, and improve girls’ access to education by raising the status of women. CBE works with World Relief; Ekklesia Foundation for Gender Education in Kenya; The Forum on Women, Religion, Violence & Power at The Carter Center; and Beyond Borders.