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About CBE International

CBE International was founded by a group of individuals who were determined that a national organization was needed to provide education, support, and leadership about biblical equality. Since its founding in 1988, CBE has published egalitarian resources including two award-winning quarterly publications (Priscilla Papers and Mutuality), books and curriculum, and a blog (Arise). CBE has expanded internationally to include supporters and partners from over 100 denominations and 65 countries.

CBE is a nonprofit organization of Christian men and women who believe that the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all ethnic groups, all economic classes, and all age groups, based on the teachings of Scriptures such as Galatians 3:28. CBE affirms and promotes the biblical truth that all believers—without regard to gender, ethnicity or class—must exercise their God-given gifts with equal authority and equal responsibility in church, home and world.