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Published Date: November 1, 2014

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Missing Voices

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Distributed in 2014 to members of the Evangelical Theological Society, Missing Voices shares egalitarian perspectives often ignored in the evangelical academy. This journal continues the conversation on the meaning of kephale in Ephesians 5, offers insights on the use of oude in 1 Timothy 2, examines the nature of the Trinity, and calls for ETS to be more welcoming to women.

“Listening to the Living Truth” by Hilary Ritchie

“On the Significance of Kεφαλή (Head): A Study of the Abuse of One Greek Word” by Richard S. Cervin

“Evangelicals and the Doctrine of the Trinity” by Kevin Giles

“Οὐδέ Combining Two Elements to Convey a Single Idea and 1 Timothy 2:12: Further Insights” by Philip B. Payne

“The Present and Future of the ETS Women’s Involvement with the Society, the Journal, and Membership” by Cristina Richie

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