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Published Date: December 28, 2022

Published Date: December 28, 2022

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Featured Articles

Mutuality’s Top 10 Articles of 2022

In case you missed them, here are the ten Mutuality articles readers engaged with most in 2022. This year, the Mutuality authors talked about motherhood, porn, singleness, discipleship, Paul, Jesus, and more—all with the goal of helping us embody and promote biblical women’s equality in our everyday lives.

Mutuality’s ten most-read articles of 2022 are below, starting with number ten and counting down to number one. Sign up for Mutuality’s weekly emails to make sure you never miss a Mutuality article in 2023.

10. What Does Galatians 3:28 Actually Teach?

There is a new Christian ethic that arises out of Galatians 3:28 when we recognize what it means to be a new creation made one in Christ.

By Mimi Haddad | June 5, 2022

9. Why Some Soul Wounds Require Understanding the Mother Heart of God

Maternal love finds its origins in the heart of God. So when we see God only as male, as Father, we miss the chance to connect with the Mother heart of God and heal the mother-wounds in our souls.

By Susanne Maynes | May 11, 2022

8. Loss of the Assumptive World: Identifying Gaslighting in Evangelical Organizations

Four lessons—on trust, silence, enabling, and power—to help evangelical organizations avoid gaslighting.

By Erin M. Reynolds | May 26, 2022

7. Are We Continuing to Sideline Women in Conversations about Abuse?

Even as egalitarians, our conversations about abuse in the church are often laced with patriarchy, centering men as authoritative even though they are not the primary victim.

By Katherine Spearing | January 5, 2022

6. Complementarianism Exists in Egalitarian Organizations and Churches Because of Patriarchy

The startling reality for many women in ministry in egalitarian churches and organizations is that misogyny and patriarchy are still at work.

By Lori Harding  | June 15, 2022

5. As a Deer Longs for Flowing Streams, Single Women Long to Be Included at Church

What it’s like to be an unmarried woman in today’s church—and four ideas to better include single women in the life of the church.

By Audry Goertzen | June 22, 2022

4. Good Theology Is Not Enough

The fact that egalitarian pastors and leaders abuse women shows us that egalitarian theology alone is not prevention enough. There is a deep root of misogyny in our culture that we need the Holy Spirit to help us destroy.

By Amanda K. Fowler | October 19, 2022

3. Porn and Patriarchy: A Study in Power

There is a distinct link between porn and patriarchy that is rooted in the abuse of power against women and girls. This link is all too clear in the lives of Roma women and girls.

By Stephanie Georgieff | September 7, 2022

2. Imago Dei Women? Let’s Try to Really Understand What Genesis 1–3 Means for Women

What exactly did God declare “good” when he created humans? Did God build leadership and authority into men while ensuring that following and submission were inherent in women’s DNA?

By Kara Angus | November 24, 2022

1. Three Reasons to Rethink the Samaritan Woman in John 4

The modern understanding of the Samaritan woman in John 4 has painted a picture of an adulterous, immoral woman. But is that really how she should be viewed? 

By Rachel Larsen | November 30, 2022