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Published Date: August 8, 2017

Published Date: August 8, 2017

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Featured Articles

CBE Writing Contest: Write for Gender Justice

Enter the CBE Writing Contest!

CBE is always looking for fresh stories and revolutionary ideas! And we’re always brainstorming new ways to give our readers a platform. We’re privileged to host a diverse community of readers, writers, advocates, pastors, theologians, and deep thinkers, and we don’t want any of their creative gifts to go unused.

For many years now, we’ve held an academic paper competition prior to our annual conference and—thanks to our talented audience and help from other great blogs, publications, colleges, and organizations—it’s been a great success! But not everyone is an academic writer. We want to give our popular writers a chance to flex their creative muscles too! 

So we’re inviting you to enter the CBE Writing Contest and write for gender justice! You could get published; win a copy of Tara Beth Leach’s new book: Emboldened; and get a free CBE subscription!

We want to hear from you, our brilliant readers, on one of these five topics:

  1. How being egalitarian has changed your life in practical ways
  2. How being egalitarian is an investment in future generations of women
  3. Your experiences as/with a woman preacher or how lack of representation in the pulpit has affected you
  4. Egalitarian theology and its impact and relevance for men
  5. Practical changes that churches can make to empower women

Note: Please feel free to consider each topic with attention to intersectionality (the intersection of gender with other social justice issues like race or class) if you wish. 

The top 3 winners will:

  • Have their submissions published in Mutuality magazine
  • Win a copy of Tara Beth Leach’s awesome new book on women in ministry: Emboldened
  • Get a free year-long subscription to CBE’s two award-winning publications: Mutuality and Priscilla Papers, our academic journal.

The next top 7 winners will:

  • Have their submissions published on Arise, CBE’s official blog
  • Win a copy of Tara Beth Leach’s new book, Emboldened

But what if my submission isn’t chosen as one of the top 10 winners? Good question!

All submissions will be considered for publication on Arise, CBE’s official blog. So, if your piece is fantastic but isn’t one of the top 10 winners for some reason, we may still want to get it out there! In submitting to CBE’s publications contest, you will automatically be considered for publication in both Mutuality and Arise (sweet deal, we know!).

How and What to Submit:

Please submit your popular (non-academic) entry on one of the five topics above as a typed, single-spaced Microsoft Word document attachment in an email to by August 31, 2017.

In the email to which you attach your entry/ies, please:

  1. Include your full name, an (50 words or less) author biography, and a high quality JPEG profile image 
  2. Provide the total word count of your submission (not including your title)
  3. Indicate which of the five topics you’ve chosen

All submissions must be between 800-1500 words, must honor CBE’s core values, and should be tailored to the CBE mission:

CBE exists to promote biblical justice and community by educating Christians that the Bible calls women and men to share authority equally in service and leadership in the home, church, and world.

Last Notes:

  • You may submit more than one entry for consideration. We may publish more than one submission per person, but only one submission per person will be a Top 10 winner and only one submission per author will be chosen for publication in Mutuality magazine.
  • We will not accept late submissions.
  • All content should be original and not published elsewhere, unless you host a personal blog that has a small audience. Please indicate if this is the case.
  • CBE uses the Chicago Style Guide and Christian Writer’s Manual of Style. If you’re familiar with them—great! If not, don’t worry about it! But all submissions should have correct spelling and grammar, and include some form of citation or link for any outside sources.
  • Your article will be edited by CBE’s communications team prior to publication and titles may be changed.
  • Questions for CBE’s communications team about the contest can be directed to
  • Tara Beth Leach’s new book, Emboldened, will be released in October, so winners will receive their copies in the mail then. 

If you want to promote this contest on your social media platform or your blog, feel free to use the graphic below or contact the communications team.