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Priscilla Papers Writers’ Guidelines

Nature and Mission

Priscilla Papers is the award-winning academic journal of CBE International. Priscilla Papers provides interdisciplinary scholarship on biblical interpretation, theology, church history, and other academic disciplines as they relate to a biblical view of women’s leadership and shared authority in the home, church, and world.


  • To provide scholarship on topics related to a biblical view of women’s equality in the home, church, and world.
  • To build a global team of egalitarian scholars.
  • To be prophetic: “The task of prophetic ministry is to nurture, nourish, and evoke a consciousness and perception alternative to the consciousness and perception of the dominant culture around us” (Walter Brueggemann, The Prophetic Imagination [Philadelphia: Fortress, 1978], 13).


  • Priscilla Papers is intended for scholars and opinion leaders, serious Bible students, egalitarians seeking biblical resources, and the person in the pew. Our readership is ecumenical, coming from over 100 predominantly evangelical denominations around the world. More than 65 percent of our readers have advanced degrees; many are attending seminary. All share an interest in biblical, historical, and theological scholarship about women in the home, church, and world. Priscilla Papers is mailed quarterly to all CBE subscribers and those churches and organizations that are CBE Members. All articles are available free of charge at Paper copies are available for purchase.
  • Because our readership is interdisciplinary and broad, please minimize technical terminology (e.g., “pericope,” “hapax legomenon,” “nomina sacra”). If a technical term is used extensively, define it when first used (e.g., “chiasm,” “intercalation,” “interpolation”).

Submission Guidelines

  • Priscilla Papers seeks original contributions in related disciplines including, but not limited to, biblical and theological studies, church history, Christian ministry, ethics, philosophy, and missiology. Articles must advance the cause of CBE. Priscilla Papers does not publish content that does not align with CBE’s mission, core values, and statement of faith.
  • Please send a completed article or a query letter with an abstract to A fifty-word bio should be included. Authors of articles accepted for publication will be requested to submit a headshot and sign an author release form.
  • Priscilla Papers prefers manuscripts saved in Microsoft Word. Let the editor know if this is a hindrance.
  • Priscilla Papers is edited according to the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), supplemented by the second edition of The SBL Handbook of Style (SBLHS) for discipline-specific matters such as journal abbreviations and transliteration of biblical languages.
  • Articles should range between 2,000 and 7,000 words.
  • All submissions must be original, unpublished, and submitted exclusively to Priscilla Papers. Upon publication, copyright is transferred to CBE. This copyright includes the nonexclusive right to publish the submission and the continuing right, without limit, to include the submission as part of any reprinting of the journal by the publisher or by its licensed agencies. Priscilla Papers also assumes full reprint permission for all media, including various electronic media, of any item we publish. Each author must sign a release form before publication. Final selection for all material published in Priscilla Papers is at the discretion of the editor and publisher; Priscilla Papers reserves the right to use or not use any article.
  • Authors are solely responsible for the facts and attributions in an article.
  • The editors and publisher reserve the right to edit articles as necessary. Substantive content changes will be made in consultation with the author.
  • In addition to academic articles, Priscilla Papers publishes sermons.
  • Authors receive three copies of the issue in which their article appears, as well as a one-year print subscription to both Priscilla Papers and Mutuality.

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