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Endorsements of Priscilla Papers

Historical depth and conceptual breadth, critical incisiveness, and contextual relevance all characterize Priscilla Papers’ articles exploring women in the world Christian movement. Women are half the people on earth and more than half the people in churches. To love our neighbors and glorify God in this daunting 21st century, every Christian’s energies must be called forth and put into action. But are women’s powers optimally employed? Are we trained, challenged, and welcomed into opportunities for service and leadership in the church as we are in the world? Do we express our creativity and competencies as freely and vigorously as we might? Priscilla Papers probes such questions and provides models and strategies to help us be all that we should be as we seek to serve our time faithfully and well.

—Miriam Adeney, PhD, associate professor of world Christian studies at Seattle Pacific University

I have read Priscilla Papers with deep appreciation since its inception, and look forward to each issue with keen anticipation. It is a “must read” journal for all who take seriously the continuing global consequences of the inequality of women. Its scholarship is of the highest quality; its essays are insightful and challenging; its incisive articulation of the biblical and theological foundations for the absolute equality of women and men in all areas of church and society is unequaled.

—Manfred T. Brauch, past president and professor emeritus of biblical theology, Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University

Priscilla Papers balances rigor and accessibility, presenting research on gender and Christianity that will benefit readers holding all perspectives on this important topic. In a subject area that at times devolves into polemic, Priscilla Papers consistently embodies charitable scholarship.

— D. Glenn Butner, PhD, MDiv, assistant professor of theology and Christian ministry, Sterling College

To read Priscilla Papers is to learn from those who would hold up a biblical perspective on how the world is viewed by deeply committed people who are calling the church to repent of its past oppression of women and to look at what the Scriptures really say about the role of women in the home, in the church, and in the world. Priscilla Papers is a source of inspiration, knowledge, and truth.

—Rev. Dr. Anthony Campolo, professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University

Priscilla Papers is one of those scholarly publications I look forward to reading from cover to cover with each new issue. I can always count on the high quality of scholarship and frequently encounter new ideas and perspectives that challenge stale ways of thinking and acting. This journal has always struck that elusive balance of inspiration and prophetic witness often missing in other publications. Priscilla Papers is singularly academic and ecclesial, theological and practical, pastoral and prophetic, biblical and imaginative. 

— Paul Chilcote, PhD, MDiv, professor of historical theology and Wesleyan studies at Asbury Theological Seminary

Priscilla Papers is widely read in the evangelical Protestant sector, in the areas of women’s issues, women’s studies, and biblical and theological disciplines. It is recognized as a leading scholarly voice for the empowerment of women in church, parachurch, and social ministries.

—John Jefferson Davis, PhD, MDiv, chair of the division of Christian thought, professor of systematic theology and Christian ethics, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Priscilla Papers robustly engages with gender issues that divide the church and Christian society worldwide. It expends commendable academic rigour towards its task—a rigour expressed through careful attention to the biblical text and to the historical context of the text.

— Havilah Dharamraj, PhD, academic dean and the head of the department of Old Testament at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies in Bangalore, India

Priscilla Papers has provided a unique and much needed contribution to biblical scholarship as it has consistently reviewed the ageless wisdom of the scriptural text and sought to bring contemporary application of the revelation of Trinitarian mutuality into every relationship in life. These biblical truths are as revolutionary today as they were in New Testament times, offering hope and direction for myriads around the world. The dignity of gospel equality championed in Priscilla Papers is certainly on the cutting edge of some of the best of biblical scholarship today.

— David Hamilton, international associate provost for the University of Nations for Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

CBE International’s academic journal Priscilla Papers is an excellent journal that provides invaluable resources and I would strongly recommend everyone who is interested in understanding and promoting biblical gender equality to read it.

—Fatuma Hashi, former director of Gender and Development at World Vision International

Serious Bible scholars and students will find careful, thorough, and well-researched journal articles in Priscilla Papers which help enrich the Church’s engagement with critical issues around women and men in the kingdom of God. I consistently find it challenging, mind-expanding, encouraging, and helpful in my own teaching and research.

— The Rev. Dr. Roberta Hestenes, teaching pastor at Bayside Church, CA, former president of Eastern University, former faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary

Priscilla Papers has played a vital role in laying a rock solid foundation to address the issue of biblical gender equality with academic rigour and fidelity. This voice has empowered the church to engage in transformation of cultures where the oppressive hierarchical structures deny people created in God’s image and empowered by his spirit to exercise their gifts for building the body of Christ and serving society at large.

—Rev. Dr. Richard Howell, general secretary of the Asia Evangelical Alliance and Evangelical Fellowship of India and committee member of the Global Christian Forum

As someone who teaches and mentors college students, I rely on CBE for literature to educate and empower the young women and men in my classes. Priscilla Papers is one of the best resources I have found for helping my students become acquainted with and explore the egalitarian perspective. I especially appreciate the diversity of disciplines represented in issues of Priscilla Papers. Voices from theology, linguistics, communications, ethics, and the social sciences unite to provide a well-informed, inter-disciplinary approach to understanding gender equality.

—Dr. Susan Howell, professor of psychology, Campbellsville University

Priscilla Papers deals with a wide range of issues in a number of disciplines albeit centered round a narrow area of interest and from a particular perspective. The authors are not permitted to relax their level of reasoning for its mainly sympathetic readership, because the articles are peer-reviewed by a well-qualified body. The articles that are published are of a quality that would be acceptable by other non-partisan publications, and they deserve a wider readership.

—David Instone-Brewer, PhD, senior research fellow in Rabbinics and the New Testament, Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK

Priscilla Papers is a first-rate academic journal that provides an invaluable service to the scholarly community. It demonstrates that an egalitarian view of gender is not only consistent with but also demanded by the biblical literature. This removes a stumbling block that many non-Christian academics have towards the Bible and empowers women within the Christian tradition, especially evangelicalism, to pursue any ministry role in the church to which God has called them. Priscilla Papers merits my strongest recommendation.

—Kirk R. MacGregor, assistant professor and chair of the department of philosophy and religion, McPherson College

Priscilla Papers has become for me a regular resource for evangelical feminism and for rigorous examination of the Bible, church history, and local church practice. Its articles exhibit academic professionalism, intelligent interaction with opposing views, an admirable diversity of writers, and the kind of scholarship that makes articles valuable for a decade or more. 

—Scot McKnight, PhD, professor of New Testament, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary

Priscilla Papers is an outstanding academic journal sponsored by CBE International.  In existence for some 30 years now, it provides a platform for interdisciplinary biblical and evangelical scholarship on the forefront of supporting, promoting and advancing the cause of gender justice and equality not only in the Western world but also globally. Unfortunately this leading and cutting edge journal on issues of utmost importance in the ways we treat and relate to our sisters, mothers, and daughters is almost unknown in the countries of the non-Western world, where its message and clarion voice is more than ever relevant and needed.  No effort should be spared to ensure that this journal is available in the countries of the non-Western world, and accessible to scholars and all interested readers who will greatly benefit thereby. Priscilla Papers is not intended solely for the ivory tower but also for use out there among the common people as an agent of personal and communal transformation.

— Aloo Mojola, PhD, professor of philosophy and translation studies, St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya

Priscilla Papers is very distinctive, insightful and persuasive in its discussions. It presents very analytical scholarship. The work is comprehensive and the arguments are presented with clarity.

— Emily Onyango, PhD, priest in the Anglican Church of Kenya, senior lecturer and dean of students at St. Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya

Priscilla Papers is the premier Christian journal that speaks from the Christian Scripture concerning God’s plan for women. Biblical equality is a fundamental redemptive reality for both men and women who were created in the image of God, who turned away from God, who were redeemed by the sacrifice of Jesus, and who are today restored to their created position as God’s representatives on earth.

Priscilla Papers is one of the most valuable scholarly resources for men and women who are seeking the truth from God’s word concerning male and female relationships.

Tradition and culture have left Christian men and women groping for a clear definition of their identities and roles. Thankfully the Bible holds the secrets for harmony among women and men and for success in fulfilling God’s highest ideals. Priscilla Papers presents both the highest scholarly arguments on biblical equality and the most practical insights and guidance for men and women desiring to live according to God’s original intent.

Priscilla Papers is a courageous voice calling for the deliverance of men and women from the error and bondage of archaic Bible interpretation.

— Bishop LaDonna Osborn, DMin, founder and Bishop of International Gospel Center Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, vice-president and CEO of Osborn Ministries International

Priscilla Papers has long been a cutting edge journal publishing works that expand the horizons of our knowledge. It has also been fair in its treatment of opposing viewpoints. It has a high standard of academic excellence and careful exegetical treatment of the scriptures.

—Philip Payne, PhD, author of Man and Woman, One in Christ, founder and president of Linguist’s Software Inc., visiting professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Bethel Seminary, and Fuller Seminary Northwest

CBE’s Priscilla Papers is an excellent academic journal on an important subject of scholarly debate. Recognized scholars regularly publish well-argued articles reflecting careful scholarship. Scholars around the world use this significant academic resource.

— Ron Sider †, PhD, author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger, distinguished professor of theology, holistic ministry and public policy at Palmer Seminary

Priscilla Papers is the foremost academic voice for Christian egalitarian scholarship, in particular evangelical scholarship based on a reliable and authoritative Bible by scholars who seek to please Jesus in all they do. I highly recommend it to everyone.

— Aída B. Spencer, PhD, former editorial consultant for Priscilla Papers, professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

As a New Testament scholar who is interested in and committed to the thoughtful exploration and faithful application of Scripture, I highly value the journal Priscilla Papers. Furthermore, I find the articles that comprise each issue of the journal to be of high quality. Given its commitment to publishing peer-reviewed, scholarly essays pertaining to the work and witness, influence and impact of women in and beyond Scripture, it occupies a distinct and important place among publications in the field. I both commend and recommend Priscilla Papers.

— Todd Still, PhD, Charles J. and Eleanor McLerran DeLancey Dean and Holder of the William M. Hinson Chair of Christian Scriptures at Baylor University

I highly recommend Priscilla Papers. I have four reasons: First, in my experience of publishing with Priscilla Papers and in my observation of articles, the level of scholarship has consistently been more than high enough to qualify it as an academic resource. Second, it is one of the primary journals that is dedicated to the discussion of gender as it relates to theology, biblical studies, ecclesiology, and Christianity as a religion. Third, it represents theological positions, biblical interpretations and scholarly arguments that are not well represented by other journals. Fourth, issues of gender are primary topics of interest for academic societies including the Society of Biblical Studies and the Evangelical Theological Society, for colleges and universities that have religion courses, and even for a surprisingly large sector of the public, and Priscilla Papers provides important resources for people from a broad range of theological positions. Priscilla Papers is a primary voice in an intense dialogue that is of great value both to the academy and the public.

— Cynthia Long Westfall, PhD, author of Paul and Gender, associate professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College in Canada

Can this be a time that the ties between religion and sexism will be severed? As in all other eras, Christians must be at the forefront of discrediting the patriarchy in church and society that has established patterns of abuse and chauvinism. The careful biblical and theological scholarship in Priscilla Papers of CBE demonstrates that the basis for gender equality lies in reasonable interpretation of Scripture, tradition, history, and experience. Bible centered communities of faith can rely on its erudition and accessibility in regard to a wide range of subjects that renounce the union of Christianity and sexism.

—Karen Strand Winslow, PhD, professor of Biblical Studies, chair of the Biblical and Theological Studies Dept., and director of the Masters of Arts (Theological Studies) program at Azusa Pacific Seminary of Azusa Pacific Seminary

For many years now, Priscilla Papers has served the CBE community well by providing quality articles dealing with the biblical equality of men and women in Christ.  This journal is important for the study of those issues in relationship to what the NT teaches about women and their roles, and indeed about the relationship in general of men and women in Christ.

—Ben Witherington, PhD, Amos Professor of New Testament for doctoral studies at Asbury Theological Seminary

Priscilla Papers opens a wide and new horizon for me about the women’s issue. Its careful and scholarly work coupled with clear and relevant approach makes reading profitable and worthwhile.  

—Cecilia Yau, cofounder, former president, and board chairperson of Fullness in Christ Fellowship