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The Reverend Gricel Medina is ordained to Word and Sacrament in the Evangelical Covenant Church. She holds degrees from Oswego State University, Oral Roberts University and the Centro Hispano Estudios Teologicos where she majored in Hispanic theological studies and minored in marriage and family counseling.

She has served as a bilingual church planter for the Evangelical Covenant Church as well as superintendent, giving leadership to Hispanic, Asian, and African-American pastors. She developed prayer summits for Hispanic congregations and has served on the board of the Hispanic Clergy Association giving counsel, direction and promoting advocacy on racial gender justice. She also served on the Commission for Biblical Gender Equality under two Evangelical Covenant presidents.

Gricel publishes, speaks, teaches and models racial egalitarian justice. She has published widely on biblical gender equality, mercy and justice for CBE journals, the Covenant Companion, and Covenant Home Altar. Gricel leads in grassroots communities and at the highest denominational levels and inspires communities and churches to collaborate in eradicating injustice and abuse to create safe places of dialogue, awareness, and engagement within and outside her denomination and the church. 

In recognition of her work, CBE awarded her a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Gricel Medina serves on CBE's Board of Reference

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