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Published Date: September 6, 2017

Published Date: September 6, 2017

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A Prayer of Action for Egalitarian Women

Today, we rebuke fear—fear of the judgment of other Christians; fear of how they will respond to our God-given callings; fear of landing outside the box of “biblical womanhood”; fear that they are right about our limitations.

Today, we rebuke any doubt of our sacred and complex callings as women of God. We banish all uncertainty surrounding our capacity to succeed and change the world with God’s help.

As daughters of the Creator, we refuse to bow to injustice. We oppose the man-made hierarchies of this world and the powers that try to silence and erase us. We reject the toxic influence of patriarchy in our lives, our gifts, our marriages, our families, our churches, and our communities.

We won’t throw in the towel—today or any other day! We will not give up! We will not give in to fear! We will not give in to doubt or to shame!

We refuse to stay down. We will not be subdued or quieted. We will rise undaunted to every challenge. We will keep the faith and finish the race.

Today, we vow to stand up when we are tired. To stand bold—even when our hearts are broken and our feet are exhausted.

We commit to being present with each other and in our churches. We will speak truth to power. We will never validate injustice with silence.  

O God, satisfy our search for sacred spaces that welcome women’s gifts. Allow us to commune with our sisters—for we are stronger together. Inspire us to pray as one body against gender and racial injustice.

May your perfect kingdom come, God. May your good will for your daughters be done.

Today, we promise to walk by faith. We will believe in the unseen. We will labor for a future we may never see.

Today, we vow to put on our spiritual armor. We will wage war in the battlefields of life as ezers—strong rescuers.

We will strive to be women fully awake. Creator, make us courageous warriors who look for flickers of light on every path we travel. Make us women who submit to the Spirit’s prompting.

Spirit, guide us on right paths. Make us insatiable seekers of wisdom. Convict us when we fail to live justly, and when we deny our spiritual callings out of fear.

We cast our cares at your feet, O God—our worries, our anxieties, our traumas, and our insecurities. Set us free from distractions, and from those who try to limit what we can do for the body of Christ.

Render us trusting children who long to sit at your feet, even as we do battle with patriarchy. Remind us that you are, ever and always, in control and working for our good.

Make a way for your daughters—the advocates, the preachers, the teachers, and the prophets—where there seems to be no way. Deliver us from a desert of apathy and silence. Liberate us to fulfill our callings and make us faithful emissaries of your very good will.

Creator, we know you have been and are fighting for your daughters, and that you will always fight for us.  

We know we will lose some of the battles you call us to fight. But we are confident in our sacred purpose. As your daughters, we will march onward in faith and freedom because we know that, by your grace, the war is already won.

O God, as your daughters, we declare your victory over sin, over death, over the powers of this world, and over patriarchy—long before we see that ultimate victory realized. We rejoice because the battles we wage now are already decided by the Creator of the universe.

We celebrate your enduring goodness, your mercy, your grace, and your unconditional love for your daughters and for all people.

Today and always, we vow to be women who hold our heads high; women who take joy in our unique callings; women unfazed by those who prefer us quiet and small. We promise to be confident and fearless. We will be bold in proclaiming the gospel. And we will image what it means to live free, new, and united in Christ.

Today and always, we acknowledge where our help comes from. Our help comes from you, Lord, Maker of Heaven and Earth. We will not be moved by the storms that rage around us. We will anchor our souls and our cause in you, the Rock that will not be moved.

Today and always, we submit to the will of an all-powerful and all-merciful God, who knows what we need before we even ask. A God who works for our good always. A God who already won the fight against patriarchy on the cross.  

In Jesus’ name,


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