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The Feminine Response to Life

By: Hattie Veurink | October 31, 1987

Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life;” and from this biblical concept feminists must look at life and its fulfillment. The Holy Spirit was poured out for ministry; Jesus began after the endument on Him (Luke 4:1). Jesus broke the last barrier of separation that had been imposed on women by tradition. [...]

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Topics: Feminism

Is There a Head of the House in the Home? Reflections on Ephesians 5

By: James R. Beck | October 31, 1987

Ephesians 5:15-6:9 is a Haustafel (a table of household duties) and is the central passage for Pauline teaching on Christian marriage. The passage, along with its reduced parallel in Colossians, is well known by persons of all persuasions on the issue of the relationship between wives and husbands. 

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A Biblical Basis for Ministry

By: Donna C. Fujimoto | October 31, 1987

It is apparent that the Christian church is grappling with the issue of women’s roles in ministry. Many churches rely on conclusions not founded in Scripture as the basis for their policies. This article seeks to illustrate such inconsistencies and challenge each church to carefully examine the scriptures as the basis for their attitudes [...]

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Early Evidence of Women Officers in the Church

By: CBE International | October 31, 1987

People sometimes write us to ask where they can find evidence that actual women held official positions of church officership. Professor Greg Horsley of Macquarie University, Australia, has kindly supplied us with the following partial list of references to  women in church leadership. 

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New Organization Incorporated

By: CBE International | October 31, 1987

On August 28, 1987, Men, Women and God: Christians for Biblical Equality became a reality. The new organization affirms the equality of women and men in church, home, and society and encourages the full development of the gifts and talents of all Christians for God’s service.

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Is God the Only Reliable Father?

By: Alvera Mickelsen | July 31, 1987

Tennis does not defend patriarchy. Neither does she defend efforts to rid God of "maleness." Rather, she presents God the Father as a model for earthly fathers.

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An Illustration of the Greek Notion of "Head" as "Source"

By: Catherine Clark Kroeger | July 30, 1987

The biblical insistence that the source of woman lay in man means that woman is fully human and fully equal because she partakes of the same substance as man, "bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh." She too is made in God's image (Genesis 5: 1-3).

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A Plea for Restraint

By: Richard Kroeger | July 30, 1987

At the evangelical colloquium on women and the Bible, I introduced the section on biblical hermeneutics (the art of interpreting Scripture) by saying that the most crucial issues for evangelicals in the modern world of biblical studies were not in the arena of the so-called "Battle for the Bible" (inerrancy and authority). Important as these [...]

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Evangelicalism: The Coming Generation

By: James Davison Hunter | June 1, 1987

Hunter and Stehlin invest the bulk of their energy in debunking the "traditional" Christian family concept as promoted by many popularizers of our day.

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A Report on the Conference with Elaine Storkey

By: Phyllis Alsdurf | April 30, 1987

“The problem of patriarchy in the church is the problem of male as norm,” charged British author Elaine Storkey at a recent meeting of CBE in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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