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A Report on the Conference with Elaine Storkey

By: Phyllis Alsdurf | April 30, 1987

“The problem of patriarchy in the church is the problem of male as norm,” charged British author Elaine Storkey at a recent meeting of CBE in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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The Black Family who Adopted Moses

By: Richard Kroeger, Catherine Clark Kroeger | April 30, 1987

There are many great blacks who have influenced our spiritual heritage. We find them both in and out of the Bible. We should like to tell you the story of the priest’s family who took in Moses in his hour of desperation. 

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A Voice of Her Own: Women, Literature, and Transformation

By: Nancy M. Tischler | March 25, 1987

In A Voice of Her Own, Nancy M. Tischler shows how some women have overcome obstacles in history to be able to demonstrate the same quality of creativity as men. 

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When Will We Be "Real"? When Will We Be Free?

By: Kari Torjesen Malcolm | January 31, 1987

As women, many of us have found out how wonderful it is to be loved by our families. But then we venture out beyond the shelter of our home and loved ones and go to the edge of the woods--into the male world--and we discover that we are not taken seriously.  

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Women and the Church in China

By: Alvera Mickelsen | January 30, 1987

The church in China is different from that anywhere else in the world. But then, China itself is also quite different from other countries. China, more perhaps than in any other place and time since of beginning of USA, is a nation trying to forge its destiny in new ways that are not really copied [...]

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A Cord of Three Strands: A Way for Both Men and Women to be Used Fully by God

By: Linda Raney Wright | January 1, 1987

A Cord of Three Strands, written by a woman on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, makes a distinct contribution to the current literature on biblical teachings about men and women in the marriage relationship and as co-workers in the service of Christ. 

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What's Right With Feminism

By: Elaine Storkey | February 1, 1986

Elaine Storkey, an evangelical Christian who is also a sociologist, philosopher, wife, and mother, has read widely in the literature of feminism. In this book she puts the complex landscape of the women's movement in perspective. 

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Beyond the Curse: Women Called to Ministry

By: Aída Besançon Spencer | December 1, 1985

With issues such as the ordination of women and the call for "inclusive" language affecting the church today, Aída Spencer has provided a helpful and important study of how the Scriptures really speak to these and other issues related to the role of women in the church. From the biblical account of creation and " [...]

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Is God the Only Reliable Father?

By: Diane Tennis | April 1, 1985

Discusses the Biblical image of God as father, describes the problems facing human fathers, and argues that Jesus should serve as a model for modern men.

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Ancient Heresies and a Strange Greek Verb

By: Catherine Clark Kroeger | March 1, 1979

. . . The twelfth verse (italicized above) contains a rare Greek verb, found only here in the entire Bible. This word, authentein, is ordinarily translated “to bear rule” or “to usurp authority”; yet a study of other Greek literary sources reveals that it did not ordinarily have this meaning until the third or fourth century, well [...]

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