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I Can't Find Myself in the Universal "He"

By: Sarabeth Ng | September 5, 2021

We in the church have the responsibility to lead the charge in revolutionizing our misuse of gendered language. We have the clearest picture of how gender relations should be. We have the power to change the narrative.

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Rainflies, Canoes, and God as Our Mum

By: Juliann Bullock | September 5, 2021

The Bible is full of vivid maternal descriptions of God, yet many of us are still uncomfortable using maternal language to talk about God or to God. Reclaiming God’s feminine attributes helps us grow closer to God.

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Where Are All the Women? Hidden Words and How They Affect the Church

By: James Nichols | September 5, 2021

Hidden preconceptions cloud the behavior and language of our lives. One place this is clear is in how male pronouns and language dominate the language of educational settings, society, and the church.

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A Non-Gendered or Gender-Inclusive Faith: Lessons from Finnish and German

By: Hannele Ottschofski | September 5, 2021

A deeper understanding of how the Finnish and German languages approach pronouns helps us see that it is possible to move past the nuances of language to the universal message of the Gospel.

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Imagining Equity: The Gifts of Christian Feminist Theology

By: Jeff Miller | July 31, 2021

In my opinion, this book is an important contribution, for Methodists and other Wesleyans to be sure, but for other Christians as well.

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Phoebe Palmer: Fountainhead of Evangelical Egalitarianism in Canada

By: Shelley Siemens Janzen | July 31, 2021

Although evangelical and Canadian histories have tended to under-examine the contributions of women, an emphasis on the example of Phoebe Palmer readily offers a visible standard of Canadian evangelical emancipation.

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Imagining Equity: The Gifts of Christian Feminist Theology

By: Karen Strand Winslow | February 10, 2021

Christian feminists seek to find, listen to, and raise the voices of women and others' experiences through diverse means, in order to contribute to the spread of the gospel, redemption, and justice for all.

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Also a Mother: Asian Feminist Theology Promotes God Also as Mother

By: Kay Bonikowsky | January 30, 2021

Arising from the experiences of Asian women, Asian feminist theology provides an example of viewing God not only as Father, but also as Mother.

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Muted in the Movement for Equality

By: David Hart | August 12, 2020

Because egalitarians understand how women have been muted in the church, we can help support Black women and give them a voice in the church and civil rights movement. The church must create spaces for Black women to lead and be heard.

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Christian and Islamic Feminists in Dialogue

By: Mimi Haddad | July 31, 2020

This article considers strategies shared by Islamic and Christian feminists in exposing and upending biased historical and exegetical methodologies that further attitudes, laws, and social practices that marginalize and oppress women.

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