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Alvera Mickelsen Memorial Scholarship

The Application Process Is Currently Closed.

2023-2024 AMMS Application Process

Application open date: Information Coming Soon! 
Application due date: Information Coming Soon!
Winner announcement: Information Coming Soon!

Who is Eligible to Apply for the AMMS? 

  • Women who:
    • support CBE’s Mission and Core Values.
    • demonstrate the commitments that characterized Alvera, including a love of Scripture, social justice, women’s equality, and are able to communicate these ideas clearly.  
    • are enrolled and in good academic standing in a master’s program (in or outside the US) that is recognized as accredited in the US.  
    • are pursuing a ministry career in a field related to preaching, communications, writing, pastoral work, youth ministry, or nonprofit work. 
  • Past recipients of the AMMS, CBE employees, CBE interns, and CBE contractors are ineligible. 

About the AMMS

Alvera Mickelsen

Alvera Mickelsen, a CBE founder and its first board chair, was a prophetic theologian and gracious ambassador of biblical equality for women. Alvera was a people’s theologian, bending her enormous talent to fanning into flames God’s gifts and call in women’s lives. She was adept at communicating not only with those who sincerely wanted to learn but also with those who were antagonistic. Without exception, she extended dignified treatment to everyone. 

The Alvera Mickelsen Memorial Scholarship (AMMS) is funded by CBE International and made possible through the generosity of Alvera’s family and the CBE community. Given the challenges that women face in the church and Christian academia, AMMS was created to help women answer the call to ministry by providing academic scholarships. The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to women who are pursuing a master’s degree in a ministry field related to preaching, communications, writing, youth ministry, pastoral work, or nonprofit work. 

In the video below, Pushpa Samuel, a scholarship recipient, and Shirley Mullen, president of Hougton College, share why the AMMS is so important.

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