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Why We Need Women Evangelists around the World

By: Kari Torjesen Malcolm | April 30, 1989

The call for women missionaries is not often heard today. Often women are left with the feeling “we are only needed because the men fail to go.” Our American culture looks on pioneer missionary work as man’s work because the Church is infiltrated with a worldly and pagan view of women as inferior to [...]

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Beyond the Balancing Act: What Model Should You Choose for Your Marriage and Work?

By: William David Spencer, Aída Besançon Spencer | December 4, 2013

Our values as egalitarians should affect not only the model of marriage and work we pick, but also the way we structure our lives.

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Invest and Cultivate: Tools for Empowering Women Leaders

By: Jo Saxton | June 5, 2012

There is no doubt in my mind that God has called women to know him and represent him in today’s world, whether that is in church, in the workplace, in our communities, or at home. But we need to be ready. It’s time to pick up our tools. Take a deep breath and [...]

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Of the Tribe of Benjamin

By: Katie Hays | April 27, 2012

This recording is the personal account of Rev. Hays’ call to ministry and the obstacle of her gender in fulfilling that call. It draws on Paul’s own description of himself and his enthusiasm for God’s work in Philippians 3:4b-6. The talk culminates with Hays’ decision to leave the denomination of her childhood, a decision that [...]

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The Oasis-Like Mentor

By: Young Lee Hertig | August 17, 2011

Every leader can point to numerous mentors who have refreshed and renewed them like an oasis in the desert. These are people who foresee our potential and guide us to reach our God-given calling in life. My PhD mentor, Paul G. Hiebert, was a third-generation Mennonite missionary to India and a professor at Fuller Theological [...]

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Male and Female Shared Leadership

By: Stephanie Williams, Dale Durie | July 31, 2011

Two leaders of a pre-ministerial initiative for college students reveal how their theology of male/female shared leadership shapes their and students visions for ministry. Drawing on theological insights from Genesis and personal experience, they offer a practical theology for ministry leaders serving in Gods image.