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The Antidote for Anger

By: Tricia Baldwin | December 5, 2000

As I walked out the church door that late summer Sunday morning, my heart was crushed and the tears flowed. This had been a special place where I had grown in my relationship to Christ, developed valued friendships and committed myself to serve. How did it come to this?

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Whose Prayers Count More?

By: Chelsea DeArmond | September 5, 2000

As I bowed my head to pray, I remember feeling disappointed that the pastor’s wife was praying with me instead of the pastor. Although she was a godly woman, I thought that somehow if he led me in prayer it would count more than his wife’s prayers. I wished that I could sneak [...]

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Taste And See That God Is Good

By: Mimi Haddad | September 5, 2000

Egalitarians essentially face the same challenge encountered by the abolitionists and suffragists. Not only did they have to argue that the existing social structure was inferior and unbiblical, but they had to actually show that the new idea was superior and more closely aligned with Scripture.

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A Christian Woman in Academe

By: Janel M. Curry-Roper | January 31, 1996

Perhaps some of you have heard or read of Luther’s theology on the Christian in the world and his idea of the dual kingdoms of church and state. I’ve come to believe that a Christian woman in academe is embedded in more than a duality of kingdoms, but a plurality.

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Managing Sexual Harassment

By: Lee Taylor | April 30, 1991

This is not an article about the role of women in the church or in the workplace. It is about managerial responsibility to safeguard women on the job. Our laws today say that employers have that responsibility. They must ensure that women are not unfairly treated as sex objects, and that sexuality not interfere with [...]

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Getting Control: Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

By: Lee Taylor | January 30, 1991

It is useless to deny that women can be victims. Increasingly, the secular press documents it. The Christian press has long acknowledged it in society at large and is now beginning to acknowledge it even within the sacred walls of the church of Jesus Christ. People are also beginning to acknowledge that sexual harassment [...]

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“Where Do I Go?”

By: Beverly Herbert | January 30, 1991

I came to see the fullness of the Christian community and church, but was I surprised. I found instead disdain for my impending leadership as a female. I found lack of acceptance for my ministry and my leadership. I heard so many masculine pronouns used and masculine leaders speak that I wondered if there [...]

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Why We Need Women Evangelists around the World

By: Kari Torjesen Malcolm | April 30, 1989

The call for women missionaries is not often heard today. Often women are left with the feeling “we are only needed because the men fail to go.” Our American culture looks on pioneer missionary work as man’s work because the Church is infiltrated with a worldly and pagan view of women as inferior to [...]

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