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A Most Twisted Love

By: Vyckie Garrison | March 5, 2012

There is no love in patriarchy. There is no respect. There is only perpetual immaturity, dependency, and frustration for the man who is subjected to the most sophisticated manipulation as his wife gives over control and authority to him.

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Rules to Date By

By: Jessica Gaylord | June 5, 2004

Most of us acknowledge that differences between the sexes exist. Yet, rather than presenting the unique qualities of each gender as glorious God-given gifts, Morgan and Lookadoo portray these differences as irritating defects that each gender must learn to endure.

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Epitaph (To a Woman of Noble Character)

By: Julie Amos | March 5, 2008

As we celebrate the strong and faithful examples of many women in the Bible, we also recognize that their stories have too often been left untold. 

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Girls, Guys, and God

By: Megan Greulich, Elizabeth Beyer | September 5, 2008

We all know that teenagers (and most people of other ages) love to talk about dating and romance. It is a normal aspect of life, particularly in teens’ stage of development.

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The Bible in Black and White

By: Chelsea DeArmond | December 5, 2004

The world places conditions on who may be welcomed, and even citizens of the most “civilized” nations welcome some and struggle to tolerate others. But the church is called to welcome all, not because of any system of classification or merit, but “because God has welcomed them” (Rom. 14:1ff; 15:7). 

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The Life and Legacy of Dr. Virginia Catherine Patterson

By: Mimi Haddad | December 5, 2012

As we celebrate students and young egalitarian leaders in this issue of Mutuality, we also recognize the important work of mentors in their lives. Therefore, please join us in honoring one of CBE’s great mentors, who led CBE’s ministry with wisdom and boldness for many years.

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I Have Known Enough Saints

By: H. Edgar Hix | December 10, 2016

I have known enough saintsto know they fall just like the rest of us. They fail to see the mud globbed on their feet and leave their footprints on the Persian rugs. They slurp their shakes.

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Have They Disappeared: Why do Young Evangelicals Know so Little About the Great Women of the Bible?

By: Andy Motz | December 5, 2012

It first came up in my theology class. My professor read aloud 1 Timothy 2:11–12 (for some reason he failed to read the verses above or below) and claimed that there was no solid evidence that this verse was intended only for a particular cultural context. Instead, it was applicable to all churches at all times. I [...]

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Called by Name

By: Ann R. Palmerton | March 5, 2006

Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, I came to the tomb. I came alone in that time before dawn, when fear and doubt get the best of us, and when God seems farthest away. 

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A Crown of Thorns: Why I'm Exchanging Princess-ship for Discipleship

By: Laura Robinson | March 5, 2011

All of a sudden, it seemed that paper crowns were everywhere in the Christian community, distributed to women with a discussion about how we are all princesses. It was a candy-coated, conviction-free reminder I got every time I walked into a women’s discipleship group, youth ministry, or Christian bookstore—you are a princess because [...]

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