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Topic: Abuse

Gender Justice

An important point out of which spring many of our contemporary problems in relation to gender justice is our failure to start from the right

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Met with Dancing

Introduction Gender does not exist alone, but is, in fact, a social construct.1 A woman is part of a community that defines and shapes the

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Battered Without Bruises

Statistics reveal that churched families are not immune to abuse in the home, but few people dare to talk about it. Sometimes abuse doesn’t even

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50 Shades of Broken

I first noticed it when I bought my Nook. Erotica. Everywhere. Written by and for women. So much for letting my kids peruse the free

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The World’s Oldest Oppression

Most people live each day eating, drinking, going to work, making plans for every moment, and patiently anticipating that much-needed vacation. They’re never worrying about

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I have come to the courtyard alone for my stoning, He asks me, “Where are your accusers?” They are hiding,  Suspiciously, my own hand holds

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