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Topic: Abuse

Sheared Sheep

Kimberly’s story left me speechless. She had believed that, as a Christian woman, she was to play a secondary role in ministry and in her

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Women’s Calling as Ezer

In Half the Sky, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Kristoff and WuDuun document the global exploitation of women—an abuse to which we have become indifferent. According to

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Sin Does Not Discriminate

Christian leaders often subscribe to stereotypes and myths about men and women and their sexuality. Most of the time, emphasis is placed on Christian women

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Beauty for Ashes

It’s all around us; we are surrounded. Sometimes it’s in our faces; other times it’s become such a normal part of everyday existence that we

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Fully Human

Someone1 has said that one of the biggest problems with pornography is not that it shows too much of a woman, but that it doesn’t show

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Trash to Treasure

Late February 2008: “Someday you will write,” Mother said, “and your tears will be the ink you use.” A static cell phone connection, and 190

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