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Published Date: April 30, 2008

Published Date: April 30, 2008

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Serving Hands

His hands resting on his bended knee
Pounding the gavel that justice be done
Throwing the ball to a little one
Clasping others when deals are done
Wrenching machinery to make it work
Shaking the hand of a friend

His hands resting on his bended knee
Praying for the sick and infirm
Turning the page to study a term
So the truth of God’s word is preached
Gathering many into the body of Christ

His hands rise in benediction

Her hands lying on the altar cloth
Guiding a newborn head from the birth canal
Wiping sweat from a dying brow
Binding the gash from the plow
Holding the hands of the frightened ones
Serving tea to a friend

Her hands lying on the altar cloth
Baptizing those born to new life
Marrying husband and wife
Serving the Bread and the Wine
Gathering many for the life to come

Her hands rise in benediction

And God takes the “he” and the “she”
To fashion a “we”
To accomplish His tasks in ministry
That His kingdom come and His will be done


Three women smiling at the camera, each is holding a present.

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