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Topic: Poetry

Mothering the Church

All of the daughters of God can resist the patriarchal talk that undermines, teaching God’s children to play fair in church, no gender favorites and

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A Rose

Editor’s Note: This is an Evangelical Press Association award winning poem. God gave me a rose, A delicate thing and beautiful, Trembling in the breath of

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Living Water

You wait in the shadows, skulking, they call it, but experience knows where to hide, and Lord knows you are patient.  Scathing glances and pitying

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We have put you on a pedestal, scattered petals at your marble feet. Entombed now in stone, once their warm flesh danced in Cana and

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A Psalm for Mary

Favored is she who relies on God.         She trusts without full understanding.         She expects His will to

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Education Polishes Gems

Education polishes gems Even diamonds can be polished by knowledge liberally applied with loving elbow grease and patient skill. Very patient skill.   Education binds

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