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Published Date: January 30, 2013

Published Date: January 30, 2013

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To Pastor Greg,
From Lakedale Community Elder Board

To Pastor Greg (Dad),
From your daughter

Shepherd, Instructor, Director.

Father, lead in righteousness.
Read, teach, command.
We have gone astray.
Father, take the hand of the people.

Guide, Mentor, Example.

Dad, show me how to follow.
Listen, encourage, demonstrate.
I am God’s workmanship.
Dad, give me a hand.

Father, this is the path of righteousness:
We do not permit a woman to speak—ever.

Dad, these are my goals.
You’re my model.

Father, herd your daughter.

He holds the hand of the family,
he holds the hand of the flock,
and walks tenuously between.

When his daughter says, “Please.”
and his church says, “No”
Where will he go?