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For Christians who believe in verbal inspiration, words matter when interpreting the Bible. To seriously study 1 Timothy 2, we must not ignore the precise words Paul used to talk about women.

CBE’s 2022 International Conference was a joyful, exuberant, in-person reunion of scholars, leaders, and advocates from around the world!

There is a distinct link between patriarchy and porn that is rooted in the abuse of power against women and girls. This link is all too clear in the lives of Roma women and girls.

The church’s handling of porn use thus far has been undergirded by contempt, shame, and gossip. We have centered men and their personal righteousness over the very real harm done to women and girls. 

The church all too often slants discussions of porn toward men’s struggles. But women also struggle. Ignoring this reality harms women—they are othered and do not have adequate resources to help them find freedom. 

Porn is a counterfeit intimacy. When we allow porn to distort true intimacy, we lose out on the partner work—whether platonic or covenantal—of the gospel, for which God created us. 

Does consumption of porn always lead to a negative result? These authors argue yes, so for the Christian there can be no such thing as “ethical porn.” 

We need to recognize the impact that male church leaders’ porn use has on women and their leadership opportunities within the church. Doing so requires extensive openness, curiosity, vulnerability, attention, and research. 

Far too often, the church has preached a narrow view of sexual immorality, singling out things like homosexuality and pre-marital sex while ignoring or downplaying the everyday instances of lust that we all face. 

Research helps us see the link between porn use and the abuse of women and girls, particularly in the form of intimate partner violence and sex trafficking.