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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

Complementarian theology depends on distinct roles for women and men in marriage. This article explores how, in practice, these roles mean women and men are not equal, leaving women vulnerable to spiritual abuse by men.   

CBE President Mimi Haddad looks toward 2021 with a commitment to join women of color in the struggle for equality and to elevate the important work that needs to be done at the intersection of racial equality and women’s equality.

This list comprises some of CBE’s favorite books from 2020 related to women’s equality. Add these books to your 2021 reading list, and you’ll be off to an empowered and inspired year.

People who believe strict gender roles in marriage are biblical sometimes compare them to partnered dancing. This article challenges that understanding of both dance and marriage, crediting to the real Choreographer.

A seminary student explores questions about God-given hierarchy between women and men, including what the New Testament teaches about power, domination, and status to affirm God’s intent for women’s equality with men.

This author tells the story of how her pastor sexually harassed her and how the church’s complementarian structure worked to protect him and discredit her and other victims.

There is no magical age at which a woman’s maturity and experience cancels out the discrimination she experiences based on her gender, so we need to talk about gender equality past the experiences of our youths.

Single or married, baby-less or breastfeeding, men or women, we have a chance to be part of something that will last forever—the church.

Certainty that your loved one will treat you as an equal ought to be a given, but we all know that not every church teaches the importance or even legitimacy of egalitarian marriage. How could I be assured that this was as important to the man proposing as it was to me? 

God gave me a rose, A delicate thing and beautiful, Trembling in the breath of God, Tearful in the showered rain.