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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Winter 2018

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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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Cover of Winter 2018 Mutuality

Winter 2018

Volume: 25 | Number: 4

Gender and Church Planting

This issue explores the intersection of gender and church planting. What is the experience of women planting churches? What does it look like to build a truly egalitarian church culture and leadership model? What obstacles and opportunities exist for women in church planting and leadership?


A Feminized Church, or Just a Faithful One?
By: Tim Krueger | December 14, 2018
Jesus attracted the marginalized—women, slaves, the poor—and challenged privileged and powerful men to change. When the church does the same, it is faithful, not "feminized."

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How Planting a Church Made Me Reconsider My Beliefs about Gender Roles
By: Kay Bonikowsky | December 14, 2018
“Kay should be an elder.” It was handwritten in black sharpie on a big white page—just one quote among many others on one of those big flip chart tripods.

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7 Words of Wisdom for Women Church Planters
By: Sarah Swartzendruber | December 14, 2018
When I was a little girl I dreamed of being many things. Never did I ever consider being a pastor or, even worse, a church planter.

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Obstacles and Opportunities for Women Planting Churches
By: Taeler Morgan | December 14, 2018
In July of 2015, someone asked if I’d ever thought about planting a church. That question changed my life.  

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The Egalitarian Church Hiding in Plain Sight:  What Church Planters Can Learn from the Salvation Army
By: Kristi McKenney | December 14, 2018
Not many people realize that the Salvation Army is a denomination as well as a charity. From its small start, the Salvation Army has grown to a membership of 1.7 million people and counting. It could be called one of history’s most successful egalitarian church plants. 

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Being Egalitarian Isn’t Enough: 3 Strategies to Cultivate an Egalitarian Church
By: Jonathan Schut | December 14, 2018
Church plants that truly hope to be egalitarian and make a difference in the world must make egalitarianism a foundational part of their church’s culture.

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A Christmas Reflection
By: H. Edgar Hix | December 14, 2018
My mama allows it could’ve been rape and it might’ve, you know, unsettled her mind. Grandma, who’s lived with us since grandpa died, declares she’s just a little whore, probably with some low-ranking Roman, who’s trying to hide her dirty skirts behind blasphemy. Either way, my mama says, I should watch and remember how easy […]
Women Church Planters: A Proud Tradition
By: Mimi Haddad | December 14, 2018
Women were planting and leading churches right alongside Paul and Timothy. No matter the obstacles, they haven’t stopped.

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