Christian for Biblical Equality heralds a new approach to ecclesiastical and doctrinal priorities and inclusiveness in understanding biblical hermeneutics and its relevance to contemporary church and society. Its mission cuts across denominational and cultural spheres. Biblical narratives and ethos are herein presented and articulated in a manner that superimposes our deeper indebtedness to biblical truth and its demands. The issue of gender and equality has been with us since time immemorial, however, it has never been deemed fit for much consideration as a fundamental biblical and theological challenge that would warrant our considerable effort for engagement. Reading from the CBE literature, one comes across well researched and inspired reflections touching on the mundane matters of life in our world today. The proliferation of liberal thoughts has come with its own portion of challenges to Christian values, and I see CBE coming forth with tangible measures to counter them. The fact that CBE’s presence is now felt across the globe with almost every continent having a stake, I would recommend every Christian-based institution and organization lend its support to it as part of its mission’s obligation.