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CBE Publications

CBE is dedicated to publishing high quality content on issues related to a biblical view of women’s equality. All of our online content is available for free. Print editions of Priscilla Papers and Mutuality are available through a subscription.

CBE’s publications:

  • Mutuality is CBE’s award-winning, print + digital magazine. Mutuality provides inspiration, encouragement, and information on topics related to a biblical view of mutuality between men and women in the home, church, and world. Mutuality blog posts provide a platform for writers and readers to exchange, critique, and evaluate ideas related to biblical gender equality and egalitarian theology.
  • Priscilla Papers is CBE’s award-winning academic journal, and provides interdisciplinary evangelical scholarship on topics related to a biblical view of gender equality and justice in the home, church, and world. Priscilla Papers is available in print and digital formats.
  • Special Publications CBE occasionally produces special publications that bundle Priscilla Papers and Mutuality content (and one or two new articles) related to a specific topic, event, or audience. These are available for download in PDF form.

Quoting and Reprinting Mutuality Articles

For reprinting entire articles CBE requests that you:

  1. Include this statement:
    This article first appeared in CBE International’s Mutuality publication on [date] ( Republished with permission.
  2. Include a link to the original article.
  3. Notify the Mutuality team by email, with a link to the reprinted article.

For quoting sections of articles

Please see the fair use guidelines to determine whether or not to quote sections of Mutuality. If publishing the quote, CBE requests that you:

  1. Notify the Mutuality team by email.
  2. Include a link to the entire original article and/or properly cite the original article per your style guidelines.