CBE's publications, Priscilla Papers and Mutuality, are available to individuals and libraries through a variety of subscription options.

  • Priscilla Papers is CBE's award-winning academic journal, and provides interdisciplinary evangelical scholarship on topics related to a biblical view of gender equality and justice in the home, church, and world. Priscilla Papers is available in print and digital formats.

  • Mutuality is CBE's award-winning, quarterly magazine. Mutuality's goal is to make egalitarian theology accessible to the non-scholar and to explore its intersection with everyday life.

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Subscription Options

  • CBE Journal Subscription

    • Receive print copies of Priscilla Papers and Mutuality

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  • Mutuality Print Subscription

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  • Priscilla Papers Print Subscription

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  • CBE Journals (US)

    • ​$50 (1 year)

  • CBE Journals (International)

    • $61 (1 year)

  • Priscilla Paper (US)

    • $33 (1 year)

  • Priscilla Papers (International)

    • $44 (1 year)

  • Mutuality (US)

    • $22 (1 year)

  • Mutuality (International)

    • $33 (1 year)

Library Subscriptions

CBE offers subscriptions to libraries, either directly through CBE or through subscription services such as EBSCO.

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Scholarships are available for CBE subscriptions!

CBE has many supportive donors who help provide funds for those who cannot afford to pay for their subscription. Please fill out a scholarship application form and return it to us by mail, fax, or email. All scholarships will be distributed according to need and desire.

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