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Why should my library subscribe to CBE journals?

Priscilla Papers presents well-researched perspectives—all written by experts in their fields—and is considered a reliable source for research and curriculum. It is the best source for egalitarian scholarship and commentary on issues such as gender, biblical studies, church history, theology of Christian community, marriage, abuse, and ethnicity and gender integration.

Leading scholars and libraries around the world read and use Priscilla Papers in their schools and ministries. Among the publication’s many endorsers is Cynthia Long Westfall, PhD, author of Paul and Gender, associate professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College in Canada:

I highly recommend Priscilla Papers. I have four reasons: First, in my experience of publishing with Priscilla Papers and in my observation of articles, the level of scholarship has consistently been more than high enough to qualify it as an academic resource. Second, it is one of the primary journals that is dedicated to the discussion of gender as it relates to theology, biblical studies, ecclesiology, and Christianity as a religion. Third, it represents theological positions, biblical interpretations and scholarly arguments that are not well represented by other journals. Fourth, issues of gender are primary topics of interest for academic societies including the Society of Biblical Studies and the Evangelical Theological Society, for colleges and universities that have religion courses, and even for a surprisingly large sector of the public, and Priscilla Papers provides important resources for people from a broad range of theological positions. Priscilla Papers is a primary voice in an intense dialogue that is of great value both to the academy and the public.

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A subscription to Priscilla Papers puts all this into the hands of your library patrons. Each quarter you will receive the latest issue, filled with excellent scholarship, inspirational articles, and thoughtful research. Every back issue of Priscilla Papers is available in both print and digital formats. And with your subscription to Priscilla Papers comes a complimentary subscription to our popular magazine, Mutuality!

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Can my library subscribe through subscription services?

Yes! A subscription to Priscilla Papers and Mutuality is available through EBSCO.

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How can my library obtain a sample issue of Priscilla Papers?

A sample issue of Priscilla Papers is available through EBSCO. You are also welcome to contact us directly to request a sample issue of Priscilla Papers and/or Mutuality. CBE will provide your library with one complimentary issue of both publications.