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Alvera Mickelsen Memorial Scholarship

Alvera Mickelsen, a CBE founder and its first board chair, was a prophetic theologian and gracious ambassador of biblical gender equality. Alvera was a people’s theologian, bending her enormous talents toward fanning into flames God’s gifts and call in everyone’s lives. She was adept at communicating not only with those who sincerely wanted to learn but also with some who were antagonistic. Without exception, she extended dignified treatment to everyone. 

The Alvera Mickelsen Memorial Scholarship (AMMS) is funded by CBE International and made possible through the generosity of Alvera’s family and friends. The scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to women in the United States who are pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree in a ministry field related to writing, preaching, youth work, communications, or pastoral or nonprofit work. Given the challenges that women face in the church and academia, the AMMS was created to help women answer the call to ministry by providing $6,000 toward tuition expenses.

Meet the winners of the 2018-19 Scholarship.

Be sure to check back here later for the 2019-20 application.

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