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When Labels Create Division

By: Kayla White | February 6, 2014

A summer issue of Time magazine caught my eye with the title: “The Childfree Life: When Having it All Means Not Having Children” by Lauren Sandler. The link will not provide you with the full article, so I encourage you to either purchase the issue online or run by your favorite local bookstore/library [...]

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Beyond Damsels and White Steeds

By: Brian Howell | July 31, 2008

What an understanding of culture’s influence should do is put gross generalizations about the nature of men and women out of reach. Moreover, it challenges us to think about how and why we value particular attributes connected to these gender stereotypes. So often we believe that we are reacting to Scripture or that the [...]

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Never Forget

By: Morven R. Baker | November 7, 2012

I will never forget the first time I voted. I was 18, and nervously walked into that polling booth with my parents. I was in awe that “my vote” might actually make a difference in choosing the leader of our country. It was an honor and privilege I have never taken lightly.

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Women Celebrate Female Contributions to God’s Kingdom

By: Joanne Nystrom Janssen | December 5, 2001

For CBE staff member Sarah Edwards, the significance of the Global Celebration for Women was captured in a single moment: when a group of brilliantly dressed African women began to sing and dance contagiously to the beat of a drum.

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Remember the Women of the Persecuted Church

By: Guest Author | December 5, 2001

These women have struggled with painful separation, loss, and uncertainty. They have been ostracized by their culture, left alone to care for fatherless children and subjected to crushing poverty. Their faith has been stretched to the limit, and yet they have rarely been the subjects of prayer campaigns or human-rights projects.

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Does CBE Matter in the Face of Terrorism?

By: Kim A. Pettit | December 5, 2001

In the face of terrorism, does CBE matter? Is it worth supporting? As I’ve thought about these questions, I’ve discovered remarkable answers. Biblical equality speaks to the questions raised by current events in ways I never would have expected.

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