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Our Heritage — Part 5

By: Liz Sykes | March 6, 2014

Antoinette Brown was born in a log cabin in New York and was moved by the ministry of Charles Finney when she was six years old and joined the Congregational church at age nine. Excelling in school and graduating from college in 1847, she created a stir when she returned for graduate studies in theology. 

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Zilpha Elaw: Sanctifying Power

By: Hilary Ritchie | March 5, 2014

During the eighteenth century, the United States was not a particularly welcoming place for women looking to speak their minds—especially not African American women looking to speak their minds. But that did not stop God from blessing strong women to speak his words to people who needed to hear. Zilpha Elaw was one such [...]

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Living Stones

By: Hilary Ritchie | February 26, 2014

Part of the duty of a Christian historian is to uncover those voices that have been hidden because of neglect or prejudice. Here at CBE, Women’s History Month is an opportunity for us to do just that!

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Our Heritage — Part 4

By: Liz Sykes | February 21, 2014

In writing this series, I have sought out accounts of brave women who may not be as well known within church circles. Here is another name which you may not recognise – Eleanor Chestnut.

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Women in Christianity: A Review

By: Ruth Hoppin | February 19, 2014

Women in Christianity by Hans Küng (Continuum, 2005) presents a panoramic view of women in the faith, from its inception in the time and ministry of Jesus to the modern era. 

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When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up

By: Jamie Janosz | February 1, 2014

When Others Shuddered: Eight Women Who Refused to Give Up is the story of eight women called to serve God and who, in doing so, changed the world.

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Our Heritage — Part 3

By: Liz Sykes | January 21, 2014

Ecclesiastes chapter 9 verse 10 says “Work hard at whatever you do” and the person featured in this post was perhaps the hardest working woman of her time.  Amanda Smith was born into slavery in Maryland on January 23rd 1837 and her father, Samuel Berry worked tirelessly to free his children.

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Our Heritage — Part 2

By: Liz Sykes | January 20, 2014

Women are as tough as nails when it comes to working for Christ as George Fox realised when he began the Quaker movement in the 1600s. From the beginning, he welcomed women preachers. His first convert was a well-to-do middle-aged mother named Elizabeth Hooton from Nottingham England. She soon became the Quakers’ first woman preacher.

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Our Heritage — Part 1

By: Liz Sykes | January 17, 2014

Perhaps you have not heard of Nettie McCormick who in 1884 became a very wealthy widow who wanted to use her inheritance to further the work of the gospel.

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Why I Can No Longer Defend the Ministry of Women in the Church

By: Stephen R. Holmes | May 1, 2013

I have defended the ministry of women in the church in public for a while now, including on my blog. I don’t think I can do it any longer. Not because of any lack of calling or gifting in their ministry, but because of a lack in mine.

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