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Bread and Roses at Bethany: A Chapel Meditation on Matthew 26:6-16

By: Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen | April 30, 1991

Because International Women’s Day has its roots in the largely-secular history of organized labor and the international socialist movement, we might well conclude that its celebration in the middle of lent is the result of accident rather than design. And yet I discovered during my research for this talk that the motto of the [...]

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Asking the Tough Questions: Is There Equality in Christians for Biblical Equality?

By: Jeff Bolton | October 31, 1989

If someone were to call me a feminist in the true definition of the word, I would proudly accept the title. I believe in the social, political, and – more importantly – the biblically-based equality of all in Christ. But I can not accept the title of feminist because of what it seems to have become in [...]

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Is There a Biblical Feminism?

By: Rebecca Pentz | October 31, 1989

Whereas I see no need to defend, only to lament, the sexism of Christendom, I do think feminine Christians should think again about what Jesus himself taught. Jesus was a man. How did his maleness affect how he related to, and what he taught about, women?

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Feminism in the Writings of Jacques Ellul

By: Joyce Main Hanks | October 31, 1987

Late in 1981 I dug up one of Ellul’s early articles from the Protestant weekly Réforme: ‘La Femmes et les esprits’ (Women and the spirits) and found what we expect when we know Ellul: a maddening mixture of apparently reactionary views and revolutionary ideas.

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The Feminine Response to Life

By: Hattie Veurink | October 31, 1987

Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life;” and from this biblical concept feminists must look at life and its fulfillment. The Holy Spirit was poured out for ministry; Jesus began after the endument on Him (Luke 4:1). Jesus broke the last barrier of separation that had been imposed on women by tradition. [...]

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Topics: Feminism