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Published Date: July 30, 2010

Published Date: July 30, 2010

Featured Articles

Featured Articles

Why I Am Enrolled in Seminary Rather Than…

Why am I here and not there?

I am HERE because I have been THERE.


Been there, done it, have the diplomas to prove it.

The alumni associations can find my telephone number anywhere to solicit for donations.


Long time ago, I heard a distant call, but the BIG voices said, “YOU DID NOT HEAR THAT CALL.”


“Only the boys hear that call. Vain imaginings, abomination, against nature.”


You don’t want to go to seminary anyway.

                It is HARD.


You have to take

                γρεεκ and Theology.


Besides, what would you do with it? You can only teach women and children.


“You would be a good preacher’s wife.”
But the boys at church camp ignored me.



So, 50 years later, after many career


I sneaked into seminary hoping to stay under the Divine Radar.


He showed me my place. It was in seminary.

He gave me

                perseverance to learn Greek,

                eyesight to learn Hebrew,

                strength to carry Ethics books,

                nerves to preach in Homiletics,

                computer that mostly functions.


My grown kids say, “Have fun, Mom, with Greek and Hebrew.”


My husband is happy, if I am happy.


My turn has come.


I am here because

I can be.