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Published Date: January 1, 2014

Published Date: January 1, 2014

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Top 13 Egalitarian Resources of 2013 (Part 2)

Yesterday, we looked at #13 – #6 on our top thirteen list of egalitarian resources in 2013. Today we look at the top five:

 Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters: A Historical and Biographical Guide, Marion Ann Taylor and Agnes Choi, eds.

Marion Taylor presents a one-volume reference tool that introduces readers to a wide array of women interpreters of the Bible from the entire history of Christianity, from the early church to the twenty-first century.

“What an extraordinary, fascinating, enthralling, moving, and mind-expanding volume! This guide has achieved a vital recovery of interpretive sources and makes it clear that these interpreters must be explored and seriously considered not only by those thirsting to find women’s voices but also by anyone who desires to be comprehensively informed about the true scope and history of biblical interpretation.”—John Goldingay, David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary, and Kathleen Goldingay

Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling: Equipping & Encouraging Female Pastors by Christine A. Smith

In this practical and inspirational volume, pastor and author Chris Smith explores questions about the call to serve as senior pastor of a local church—offering answers in the words of clergywomen who have already shattered that stained glass ceiling.

“In a wonderful blend of survey analysis and narrative accounts, Christine A. Smith sheds new light on the lives of women pastors, telling their stories, highlighting the challenges and oppression they have faced, and celebrating the ways they have faithfully followed God’s call. Her numerous interviews along with survey information from 150 clergywomen provide rich insights and valuable resources for all interested in the journeys of women ministers. A most helpful aspect of the book is her careful inclusion of the stories and experiences of so many African American women pastors, an area of research that has long been in need of further exploration.” —Pam Durso, Executive Director, Baptist Women in Ministry

1 Timothy: New Covenant Commentary Series by Aída Besançon Spencer

Spencer carefully examines each part of Paul’s comments in light of the larger biblical, historical, social, and cultural contexts. Paul’s rhetorical and ministry strategies, especially as they relate to women and their role in the church, are explored. Throughout, Spencer presents an in-depth exegesis in a readable format enhanced by forty years of ministry.

“In 1 Timothy, more than any other New Testament writing, Paul has specific instructions for how Christian women are to present and conduct themselves, and how they are to learn, teach, and minister in the church. How appropriate [it is], then, that a commentary on this book should be written by a woman. Dr. Spencer provides a carefully researched, well-balanced, and well-written exposition with special attention given to the difficult and controversial texts relating to women, men, and to all Christians. Highly recommended.”—John R. Kohlenberger III, Editor, The NIV Greek and English New Testament

“Spencer’s commentary on 1 Timothy provides an articulate defense of Pauline authorship that interacts well with critical scholarship. It is full of valuable grammatical, lexical, syntactical, historical, and theological insights. . . . Theological insights include its discussion of the heretical teaching addressed in 1 Timothy and its outstanding treatment of 1 Timothy 2:15. I enthusiastically endorse this well-documented commentary.”—Philip B. Payne, Author of Man and Woman, One in Christ

Women in the New Testament DVD series by Kenneth Bailey

Few topics have generated as much stress in the church today as the place of women in the church, world, and home. Dr. Bailey discusses and reflects on the various strands of the New Testament that affirm women in leadership in the Scripture.

“Wonderful teaching aid. We are using it for our Bible Builders Adult Sunday School Class.”

Let Her Lead: Creating a Better Future for Women in the Church by Brady Boyd

In Let Her Lead, Boyd calls on the church and the wider world to let women be who they are and speak their voice with confidence and conviction.

“The role of women in the church has long been a confusing and hotly debated subject. In Let Her Lead, Brady Boyd passionately tackles this subject with both delicacy and insightful truth as he shares stories from Scripture and his own life. He takes an in-depth look at what God’s Word has to say about women in leadership and skillfully applies it to our lives and culture today. You’ll be challenged and inspired as you look at leadership from a whole new perspective.”—Robert Morris, Senior Pastor, Gateway Church; Best-selling author of The Blessed Life, From Dream to Destiny, The God I Never Knew and The Blessed Church

Don’t forget to check our Part 1 and have a blessed 2014!