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Published Date: December 31, 2013

Published Date: December 31, 2013

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Top 13 Egalitarian Resources of 2013 (Part 1)

At CBE we take great care to review numerous books each year in order to provide you with the best new resources on biblical equality. As we reflected on the highlights of the past year, we wanted to bring you a list of what we consider to be the top thirteen resources in 2013.

The following resources have been chosen as top thirteen resources for 2013. Each makes an original contribution. Beyond the Stained Glass Ceiling shares a particular view not often heard in the discussion of gender equality, while Thriving in Leadership provides insight by women for effecting change in organizational cultures. Still others are the first of their kind, like Called Out!, the first Bible study for youth that promotes an egalitarian world view.

Below you will find commentaries, Bible studies, humorous encouragement, and more. Enjoy!

Here are #13 – #6:

Thriving in Leadership: Strategies for Making a Difference in Christian Higher Education by Karen A. Longman

Seventeen senior leaders from Christian colleges and universities across the United States share fresh insights into the theory and practice of Christian higher education leadership. These authors speak honestly about the successes, failures, and demands that have shaped their current leadership decisions and their visions for the future.

“Thriving in Leadership is a marvelous book! While it primarily relates to academic leadership, the principles would apply in any leadership situation. All fifteen chapters have been written by women in leadership, modeling the strategies they espouse. Our academic audience should be primarily interested, but as Michelle Van Dyke, regional president of Fifth Third Bank points out, ‘Thriving in Leadership offers perspectives on leadership that have been largely muted in business theory publications…the book offers practical applications for those of us called to be servant leaders in the business world.’ Chapter three’s broad discussion of leadership would be great for any type of leader, and Robinson’s discussion of privilege in the epilogue is priceless.” —CBE reviewer

The Message of Women: The Bible Speaks Today by Derick and Dianne Tidball

In this wide-ranging exposition, Derek and Diane Tidball attempt to defuse the ongoing polemics surrounding gender in Christian witness with a refreshing firsthand look at the place of women in the Bible. The book includes a study guide with discussion questions for each chapter, making this a wonderful resource for individual or group study.

Read a CBE review.

Getting Naked Later: A Guide for the Fully Clothed by Kate Hurley

In this book, Kate doesn’t offer a magic formula that will bring your spouse to you, nor does she ask you to be content with your “gift” of singleness. With candid humor and refreshing honesty, she shares her own struggles and discoveries as a single person and invites you to come with her on a journey toward hope.

“Kate does a fantastic job of taking the everyday life of us the single and makes it into witty and honest stories that I related to from beginning to end. Read it if you’re single OR MARRIED to get inspired to live life fully.”—Amazon review

Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women by Sarah Bessey

Gender roles have been debated for centuries, and now Sarah Bessey offers a clarion freedom call for all who want to realize their giftedness and potential in the kingdom of God. Through a thoughtful review of biblical teaching and church practices, Bessey shares how following Jesus made a feminist out of her.

“If you never imagined yourself as a card-carrying Jesus Feminist, this book will give you second thoughts. Sarah Bessey makes her case—not as a fire-breathing debater—but as a woman utterly captivated by Jesus who will stop at nothing to follow him. Her winsome writing made me laugh, cry, and stand taller as a woman. Unless I’m mistaken, it should swell the ranks of Jesus Feminists too. Sign me up!”—Carolyn Custis James, author of Half the Church: Recapturing God’s Global Vision for Women

Christian Theology, Third Edition by Millard Erickson

Leading evangelical scholar Millard Erickson offers a new edition of his bestselling textbook, now substantially updated and revised throughout. This edition takes into account feedback from professors and students and reflects current theological conversations, with added material on the atonement, justification, and divine foreknowledge.

“Millard Erickson’s Christian Theology is irenic in tone while incisive in critique, readable in format while substantial in content, and always faithful to Scripture and to the service of God’s church. The third edition will guide another generation through the ever-changing context in which theology must be done.”—Gerry Breshears, professor of theology, Western Seminary, Portland

Sweet Surrender: How Cultural Mandates Shape Christian Marriage by Dennis Hiebert

In Sweet Surrender, Hiebert challenges Christians to comprehend what is cultural in their view of marriage, hold as optional what is not explicitly required by the Bible, and live out their marriages within the transcendent grace of God. Gaining greater awareness can free marriages from the control of culture for something more simply but deeply Christian.

“Contemplating marriage is, itself, an act of courageous and intelligent cultural engagement, and Dennis Hiebert serves as an expert guide. Sweet Surrender will help readers think anew about what marriage, intimacy, sex, and love mean in various cultural contexts.”—Jenell Paris, Professor of Anthropology, Messiah College

Called Out!: Kingdom Living for Missional Teens by Jenny Rae and Aaron Armstrong

God did not create people to just lounge around in a garden, nap in the sun, and pop grapes. We were made to be active agents in creation, God’s ambassadors to the world! This theologically-rich curriculum traces the missional meta-narrative woven throughout Scripture, from creation and the call of Abraham to Christ’s revolutionary kingdom and the Spirit-empowered church. Students will be equipped with practical ideas on how to live purposefully as part of the body of Christ, and challenged to go “all in,” developing their gifts and pursuing God’s calling on their life, regardless of gender.

“Take Every Thought Captive to Christ: 2013 Pittsburgh conference compilation”

Patriarchy is often presented as a biblical ideal. Ideas have consequences, and religious ideas regarding gender and authority have a daily impact on the lives of many around the world.

CBE’s international conference “Take Every Thought Captive to Christ: Ideas Have Consequences” explored the biblical, historical, and social impact of patriarchy and its remedy. Christian scholars and leaders delivered five general sessions, sixteen workshops, and a cascading presentation exploring biblical worldview. We considered how misinterpreting Scripture contributes to a worldview that devalues females and fosters injustice.

Ideas Have Consequences Journal

Ideas Have Consequences explores the connection between religious teachings and gender injustice. Patriarchy has too often been wrapped in religious clothing and named as a biblical ideal, thus granting divine justification for the abuse of women and girls. This journal exposes patriarchy as a misinterpretation of Scripture and offers a glimpse at the abuse it has enabled in the name of Christ. If Christians are to uproot injustice, they must teach the biblical view of the full equality of women and men in both value and function.

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